JVC GR-D720E MiniDV Camcorder only £156 inc del
JVC GR-D720E MiniDV Camcorder  only £156 inc del

JVC GR-D720E MiniDV Camcorder only £156 inc del

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Looking for a camcorder and came across this which i thought was a good deal. the same camcorder in £179 from Amazon

Can anyone tell me if this is a decent camcorder?

Learn all about the world of digital video with the GR-D720E camcorder from JVC. Easy to use, this appliance comes with numerous focusing modes and a wide range of programmes that will help you take your first steps as a bona fide film director!
This family-friendly camcorder has an 800,000 pixel CCD sensor so you can record whatever you like onto tape. Equipped with a powerful 28x optical zoom, this appliance will enable you to take close-ups as if you were in the front row of the theatre. You don't have to miss a thing!
In addition, the GR-D720E camcorder features a host of programmes, automatically adjustable white balance and several special effects which will spice up your audiovisual creations!
Furthermore, the GR-D720E camcorder switches itself on automatically when you open its large 2.7" 16:9 screen.
If you're after a user-friendly camcorder which gives great results, then you needn't look any further! The GR-D720E has it all!

Video Capture CCD sensor (in pixels) 1/6" 800,000 pixel CCD sensor The CCD sensor captures a digital image pixel by pixel. The higher the number, the more the image can be enlarged without losing image quality. There are Tri-CCD (a sensor for each colour) sensors and CMOS sensors (consume less power).
Media MiniDV This indicates the type of media that the camcorder is compatible with: cassette MiniDV, DVD, 8cm DVD or even memory cards. Some camcorders record directly onto an integrated hard drive.
Viewfinder Electric viewfinder with 0.33" black and white LCD screen A viewfinder can be in black and white or in colour and it allows you to see exactly what you are filming. Some models lack a viewfinder; however, an LCD screen acts in a similar vein.
LCD Screen 2.7" (6.9 cm) 16:9 LCD screen LCD or Liquid Crystal Display is a technique used to produce flat screens. The screen is measured in inches or in centimetres along the diagonal; the resolution quality can then be determined from these measurements.
Sensitivity (lux) Information not provided This measurement determines the sensitivity of the object to light; the unit of sensibility is the lux. This index is important for filming at night or in poor lighting conditions. You can film in total darkness with a sensitivity of 0 lux.
Optical Zoom 28x The optical zoom uses the internal lens of your objective to get closer or to move away from the subject being filmed without losing image focus.
Digital Zoom 800x A digital zoom enlarges images electronically; therefore, it can produce loss in image quality if the zoom is too large.
Image Stabiliser Yes Images are often blurry when a zoom is being used. An image stabiliser produces sharper zoom images, by attenuating the level of shaking movement. NB. Optical stabilisers are more efficient than digital stabilisers.
Focus Auto and manual The focus can be automatic or manual and is the component that provides a sharp image of the subject being filmed, in the fore- or background
Photo Mode Photo Mode No Some camcorders have a memory card slot just like a digital camera.
Maximum resolution on memory card (in pixels) No This value indicates the maximum number of pixels (horizontal pixels x vertical pixels) available for a fixed image
Memory Card No The type of card that can be used with your camera: SD Card, miniSD, CompactFlash, MemoryStick, MemoryStick Duo or even MMC and MMC pro. A camcorder is rarely compatible with more than one card.
Supplied Media - Size of card with camcorder
Sound PCM 32 kHz 4-channel (12 bits) or 48 kHz 2-channel (16 bits) digital recording
Monaural loudspeaker
Webcam Function/ mini films No Some camcorders can be used as a webcam.
Connectivity Audio Output No Controls the audio level for headphones or another piece of equipment.
Audio Input No Used to connect a microphone
Video Output AV output
S-video output Used to connect a camcorder to a TV or a recording device
Video Input No Used to record material from an external source
DV in (IEEE1394, FireWire) Yes A Firewire or IEE1394 connection allows you to transfer video footage to a computer.
DV out ( IEEE1394, FireWire) No Transfer data to a computer using a Firewire (IEEE 1394)
Computer Interface No Some camcorders have a USB 2.0 interface for still images. A USB connection can also be used to transfer videos to a computer.
Wireless Function No Some camcorders can be controlled using a wireless remote control (supplied or as an option.
Compatible Platforms PC and Mac Compatibility with an OS (Operating System)
Supplied Software None
Misc Possible power supply BN-VF808U lithium battery: up to 2 hours 15 mins of recording
BN-VF815U lithium battery: up to 4 hours 30 mins of recording
BN-VF823U lithium battery: up to 6 hours 45 mins of recording This indicates the different methods of powering the camcorder: not necessarily supplied with the product.
Accessories included AP-V19E mains adapter, BN-VF808U lithium battery, AV cable, strap, ferrite core filter for mains adapter cable, lens cover
Weight (in grams) 410 on its own
480 with battery and tape
Dimensions 61 x 94 x 114 mm
Other Functions DATA button/AUTO button
Directional control button
Battery data function (intelligent battery)
Automatic start up by opening of screen
Tridimensional noise reduction (3D NR)
AE programmes: sports, snow, projector, twilight, night
Effects: sepia, black and white, ild fim, strobe, mirror
Faders: white, black, horizontal curtain and vertical curtain
White balance: automatic, manual, sunny, cloudy, halogen Other important functions of the product
Manual French, german, spanish, italian, portuguese, dutch
Downloadable manual (1 download available in a language of your choice after purchase ): Spanish, French, Portuguese

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