JVC Gummy Ear phones £3 at Tesco!

JVC Gummy Ear phones £3 at Tesco!

Found 25th Mar 2013
Found this at my local Tesco.
Great price I think since they go for £5 each and the quality is VERY nice!

So nice that I bought 2 of these.

Let me know if you all like it.
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Got these for free from the O2 and Zavvi shops with O2 Priority Moments. Yep, they're normally £5. Use it on tablet and phone. They're pretty good. £3 is a good deal.
not bad. hit added

not bad. hit added

What you hitting?
Are these the F140 or F150? It should say on the side
decent headphones these,got a pair last year
Picked them up for a quid in Tesco at christmas (local discount and very limited stock, not a national deal, so didnt bother posting them here).
I can confirm that they are a pretty good pair of headphones (in terms of quality for your outlay) and at £3 it's still a steal.
Heat added.
Much better quality earphones at this price, primarily the Monoprice ones which were put up a few days ago for 81p more. Better sound, comfort, durability and looks than the gummies (personally).
Decent enough for the price, had them years ago and didn't think they were upto much though.
Nice little headphones. Use them with my phone.
Decent earphones for the prices. Don't expect them to last too long though. One of the ear on mine usually went after 5-6 months. Stock up.
Cheap crap!
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