JVC: HA-S150 'Flats' Folding Headphones £5.00 @ Play.com

JVC: HA-S150 'Flats' Folding Headphones £5.00 @ Play.com

Found 9th Jun 2010
A set of JVC headphones in green as part of Play's £5 deal at the moment. Although also available in blue for £5 (link in first post). Supposedly better than the Sony MDR v150 which tend to get hot on here, potentially better than Sennheiser PX100

At this price they are a pair you don't mind chucking about/taking on holiday. They are also rather fetching.

RRP: £17.99 | You save: £12.99 (72%)
"The JVC HA-S150 FLATS are stylish, compact headphones with a slim metallic headband and sleek, soft ear pads that rest on the ear. The earpieces pivot so that the headphones can lie flat, making them ideal for listeners who want a lightweight, easily packable headphone, but who prefer a headband/on-the-ear style. A 30mm Neodymium driver in each earpiece allows the earphones to deliver clear, crisp sound. And the soft ear pads further enhance sound quality by providing a seal against ambient sound. The JVC HA-S150 Flats come in six iPod matching colors: black, silver, red, purple, blue and pink. The headphones come with a four-foot (1.2m) cord and an iPhone®-compatible plug."

"Even though the v150s aren't bad, these blow it out of the water entirely, and I would recommend these for audiophiles that need something good but don't have a lot of money. They are only $XX." - Head Fi member

"Much better than my old PX100s, for sure. The bass on the JVC Flats isn't boomy, and it doesn't overshadow the mids either. As said by others, the sound is very balanced for a pair of headphones at this price point." - Head Fi member

EDIT - I have done some more reading on Head-Fi and it seems these headphones need some burn in to reach their full potential. I already have a pair of JVC RX 700's which required burn in (they weren't too hot out the box), but now I can honestly say they are fantastic. So if these phones have as good a reaction, its money well spent in my opinion - I will see when they arrive.


great head phones for the money i payed £7.99 and thought they were good at that price.:thumbsup:



eh? link not working just noticed you forgot the l of the html



eh? link not working just noticed you forgot the l of the html]CLICKY


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(As usual) it seems play is overestimating the RRP - Amazon suggests they are £14.99 rrp. Anyway, reviews for anyone interested in comparing:
]Amazon - Sony Headphones MDR-410LP

honestly you cant really go wrong for the money.
they sound alright, and in 6 months my kid hasn't managed to break hers yet, so they seem to be durable enough too

Bought a couple of these last year for the weans Xmas still doing their job well.

Paid £8 from HMV then & thought that was a bargain.

This deserves to be much hotter. :thumbsup:

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Well, mine has been dispatched, which is always a plus with play. My battery charger still hasn't :x Looks like these headphones have gone back up to £12.99 too.

Mine have arrived. (bought a few as backups / spares).

Still cant believe this deal stayed cool.........Nebnot - you wuz robbed :viking:
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