JVC TH-WT301B Soundstage £99.99 @ Currys

JVC TH-WT301B Soundstage £99.99 @ Currys

Found 23rd Nov 2014
Beef up the sound from your TV with a JVC TH-WT301B Soundstage.

Sound power

Enjoy an impressive 120 W of audio from this JVC soundstage. It houses high- and midrange drivers and a subwoofer in its sleek, unobtrusive casing and outputs clean, powerful and detailed sound to complement all your entertainment.

The TH-WT301B allows you to customise its sound output using one of seven preset equalizer modes. Whether you're watching action, drama, a music concert or playing HD games, you can choose a mode that best suits what's happening onscreen.

Wireless streaming and multiple connections

Thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth wireless technology, you'll be able to quickly and easily stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer to the JVC TH-WT301B Soundstage, enjoying those favourite albums and big tunes in the pristine quality they deserve.

The soundstage also features Near Field Communication technology, enabling you to tap your NFC-enabled device against it to establish a streaming connection with a single touch. You can connect various devices simultaneously using the provided optical and digital co-axial ports.

Bigger radio sounds

This JVC TH-WT301B Soundstage has also been fitted with a DAB radio that gives you a great way to enjoy your favourite stations in uninterrupted high definition. Get more out of your radio listening experience.

A compactly symmetrical design allows for the Soundstage to be positioned under your TV or inside your TV cabinet, keeping your entertainment area looking clean and contemporary.

Choose a JVC TH-WT301B Soundstage to round out your TV setup and hear more.

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Thanks for your deal. I've added the price and merchant to your title for you
Thanks, have reserved. Anyone own this and can comment.
I've just bought this..tried it in the shop on full blast..no distortion sounds good nice and clear.
what inputs does it have RCA? or 3.5mm ? thanks
Bought this today......seems well built and quite heavy.....inputs are 2 x optical (toslink)......2 sets x analogue (rca leads) and 1 x coaxial digital,so 5 wired inputs.....bluetooth streaming and built in DAB radio and fm radio (10 presets each).....comes with decent quality remote,DAB/fm aerial,power lead and small extension rca lead.

Sound wise DAB/fm and bluetooth streaming from my tablet were very good.........tv sounded ok through optical,wouldn't mind a bit more bass though,might try analogue connecton instead,good but not mind blowing......not just as good as my main tv Panasonic SC HTB170 sound bar but not bad......wouldn't pay anymore than the £99.99 though,if it didn't have the DAB radio imo it would not be worth it......still it is better than the tv speakers....i would give it 7/10.
Bought one b4 christmas grt sound and easy hidden under coffee table fill room 16x12 so i say buy
I just bought one for the money it sounds awesome not so good for dialogue as it's on the bassy side but the presets on the equaliser help sort it out to a degree good connections on it also and good volume with a dab radio bluetooth and nfc you can't get better and I've tried two weeks of solid reviews groan oh and by the way it's a jvc only in name it's made by currys themselves under license from jvc who even put on the manual all enquiries for warranty speak to currys just a point to clarify
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