K-Swiss Tennis shoes/trainers £23.99 Amazon

K-Swiss Tennis shoes/trainers £23.99 Amazon

Found 11th Feb 2017
Not sure if this is a mistake so *please* check with Amazon before purchase.

Why do I think that? Well, this product comes under the "Save £10 off £50 on Clothing & Shoes for your Child" promotion, strangely... pretty sure, judging by (good) reviews, that's its adult size.

Could try to use that promotion with kids stuff if you want, not 100% certain it'll work though, caveal emptor!

Edit: My order just arrived! Perfect fit for male adult size 11 :-)

Sizes available (adult): 6-11 (including half sizes).
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The anne widdicombe of ugly trainers.
Could possibly the worst looking pair of gutties iv ever laid eyes on. Get yourself to a nike outlet ffs
Wow. These are boot ugly
To the fashion police that have left the comments above, I can only assume that you are comparing these to 'fashion' trainers. For those that actually play tennis, it seems that these are a decent pair for the price. They're not to my taste but the reviews seem positive enough which is what counts imo
I must admit I don't tend to look at my shoes whilst playing tennis - but if it offends the aesthetic sensibilities of my opponent to the extent of affecting his game, then it's a big plus IMO! X)

Ps These are more comfortable than my Adidas Barricades and the equal of my Nike Air Vapor Advantages. Only my opinion of course YMMV.
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