K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant (50ml) was £3.00 now £2.00 (Rollback Deal) @ Asda

K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant (50ml) was £3.00 now £2.00 (Rollback Deal) @ Asda

Found 13th Feb 2017
K-Y Jelly K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant (50ml) was £3.00 now £2.00 (Rollback Deal)

New! Gentle K-Y® Jelly Formula. To alleviate **** dryness. K-Y® helps to ensure lubrication in order to help comfort during sex by complementing personal moisture. Recommended by UK Doctors*. *#1 recommended personal lubricant brand by UK General Practitioners. K-Y® Brand Jelly feels like your own natural moisture to help enhance sexual comfort. Its kind, water-based formula is a gentle lubricant for a natural, comfortable feel. K-Y® Brand Jelly is: Easy to handle (it's a jelly); Easy to rinse off (it is water-based); Perfume free; Non-Staining; Compatible with latex condoms; Gentle enough for everyday use. K-Y® Brand Jelly is Not: Sticky; Greasy (it is water based); A contraceptive.
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Hmmm roll back deal... oO
Heat - for the OP's most appropriate username.
Nice. Just in time for Valentine's Day
Just use coconut oil
Can you add Custard to this jelly ?
Spit on palm and carry on X)
I prefer impersonal lubricant

Hmmm roll back deal... oO

Are you suggesting this deal may not be suitable for our Jewish friends?
Edited by: "winchman" 13th Feb 2017
Brilliant deal. I use it all the time!
Better than talc for getting in and out of Drysuits.
for getting in and out of other things too
Good Spot and does what it says on the tin..... it will lubri...a...cant....................perfect
Can you get this in lemon and lime flavour?
I nearly slipped up and put something rude
Durex strawberry lube is by far better. tastes good and easy to wash off. make life more fun.
"compliments your personal moisture??"

....what, the beads of sweat dripping off my fat bald head as I pound you?
great deal with Valentine's coming up...!
Careful : once you start using this it's a slippery slope.
Brilliant for keeping the door hinges greased....
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