K1 Premium Beer - 330ml - 50p @ B & M

K1 Premium Beer - 330ml - 50p @ B & M

Found 9th Nov 2013
The company has launched itself by the introduction of a Premium Beer (Lagerbeer) with an alcohol content of 4.8%.
What distinguishes our product from other major brands, is that K1 Beer, whilst tasting a full bodied pilsner based premium product, contains no sugar and is very low in carbohydrates. The beer contains no artificial additives and is brewed and bottled in the UK.
The brewing process was perfected to offer a golden, easy drinking beer which can be enjoyed by beer drinking connoisseurs and occasional drinkers alike. Our initial feedback from beer tasting forums and expert individuals further strengthens the desirability of our recipe, which contains the finest Malted Barley, Maize, Rice and Traditional Pilsner Hops. The beer is offered in 330ml bottles and is branded as; K1 Premium Beer, ALC. 4.8%.
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