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K7 Security suite - Antivirus/Firewall FREE for Coronovirus period
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K7 Security suite - Antivirus/Firewall FREE for Coronovirus period

Posted 15th Apr

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Unconditional Care
Unrestricted Cybersecurity

Unconditionally Free Until This Crisis Is Over

ABSOLUTELY FREE during the Covid-19 crisis period. Stay Home and Work Safe!
This virus outbreak and lockdown has forced many of you to work from home. Whatever business you are in, the more work you do online, more the possibility of a cyberattack. Also, hackers take advantage of such crisis and infect systems of unsuspecting users. So, you are more vulnerable now than ever before.
For over 25 years, we have been protecting millions of users from hackers and today we will protect you too. Now is the time, we believe, we shall offer our product to you without taxing you with a payment when there is all-round slowdown and income is uncertain.
Now, you can install our award-winning and advanced security product, Total Security, and use it with no payment till April 30th, 2020. We hope, by that time, we will have emerged out of this challenge, stronger and safer. However, if this outbreak continues beyond April, we will try our best to support you by extending this over till this outbreak ends and lockdown is lifted.
We know, you are here because you trust us. And we thank you for your confidence in us.
Go ahead and enter your valid email address to register with us. We will send you an email with relevant instructions and a link to install our product with no payment.

K7 Ultimate Security

  • MULTI-DEVICE Award-winning protection.
  • Protection from data-stealing malware.
  • Backup and Restore important data.
  • Safeguards you from hacker intrutions.
Antivirus and Anti Spyware
Secure your devices from

blended threats. Proactively prevents

attacks from malicious websites

and monitors the system and

network for potential threats in real time.

Upgrade for Free
K7's Ultimate Security is a version

free product, which unlike other

products in the market, does not

add additional costs when a

version upgrade is released.

K7 gives free version upgrades

during the license period.

Backup and Restore
Prevent loss of important data

by backing up all data and

restoring whenever you want.

Multi-platform Protection

Ultimate Security can now protect

your Windows, macOS, Android,

and iOS devices. Protect all of

your family's devices with a

single multi-user subscription.

K7 Cerebro Scan Engine
Zero-day protection is provided by our

Ultra-fast, incredibly intelligent

Cerebro scanning engine.

By using artificial intelligence

and machine learning, it proactively

detects not only existing threats but

also new, emerging threats. All

these activities are done in real time.

Smart Firewall
The Smart Firewall with stealth

capabilities monitors and

protects all communications

between your computer and other

computers on the Internet.

The firewall implements a smart intrusion

detection system to stop

network-based attacks, with an

automatic decision capability.

K7 Secure Transact
E-commerce operations are made

safer by ensuring complete

protection during online

transactions on online

banking sites, payment services

and online shopping sites.

Parental Control
You can restrict/ block and set

the timings for internet access,

control which applications/games

are used and monitor your child's

application usage. Keep your

kids safe in the digital environment.
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review here - looks good, normally expensive

"..........with no payment till April 30th, 2020"
_Stuart_15/04/2020 08:54

"..........with no payment till April 30th, 2020"

Transalation issue - that means they dont charge, normally you pay at the gate, this key works unconditionally
Only 15 days free
hot445915/04/2020 08:57

Only 15 days free

they look to extend it as the covid unravells
So this is for a temporary key?
Typey115/04/2020 10:15

So this is for a temporary key?

just tried it, yes its a rolling key
Does it protect froM ALL the viruses?!
Just installed it, wish I hadn’t! System frozen on reboot with a black screen. Looks like I’ll have to do a recovery/ restore.
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