K810i, 11/12 FREE + £60 Quidco + FREE XBOX 360!!!
K810i,  11/12 FREE + £60 Quidco + FREE XBOX 360!!!

K810i, 11/12 FREE + £60 Quidco + FREE XBOX 360!!!

this is a complete and utter bargain!

you get a state of the art 3.2mp Sony Ericsson K810i (All be it clearance)

11 months free on a 12 months line rental with Orange (300mins/400txt)

if you go through Quidco cashback worth £60

and to cap it off a FREE Xbox 360!

you wont get a better deal!!!

its on phones4u.co.uk on the very front page midway down!


What are they like for cashback? and it's a fair wait till the first cashback!

Customers will pay the full price of the handset and receive a cheque for the appropriate portion of the Cheque Back offer after each redemption (and the Cheque Back offer will be invalidated to the extent that a customer has not made full payment for the handset at the time of connection to the appropriate tariff).

I think the Xbox 360 is a mistake?


I think the Xbox 360 is a mistake?

Seconded ;-)

There is no mention of it other than on the front page add, not on the lead page or when it's in your basket. :-(

Would have been an excellent deal

If you order it, will you be able to get the Xbox 360?


If you order it, will you be able to get the Xbox 360?

Personally I doubt it - you could chance your arm, but only if the 11/12 months free is a good enough deal if it doesn't come off - it's 99% certain won't, but then I said that once before & the 1% happened.

Basically, I think the XBox part is an error. I doubt very much you will get it, but you can still profit providing the quidco goes through. IT IS NOT GUARANTEED however!

im sure that they got the description wrong because on phones where you get a xbox360 or a ps3 it mentions it when click on it

so you pay £35 for a £100 phone and you get all these free mins and numbers.

will be a mission to get the cashback

you could get £40 quidco too...

The cashback is quite good with a 60 day window to get the claim in...


Definite Nooooooooooo (in my openion even in 12/12 months free)

I've used Phones4U before so have decided to go for it. I've copied the main page in case there's a problem. Not many Orange offers around at the moment so I appreciated knowing about this.. thanks!

there are some on mobiles2yourdoor with clearance on orange with 8months free and a wii

but its only actually the wii you get and they are aware of the problem

they told me that it is an error on the website and the xbox 360 will not be supplied.

as for my screen shot, they say this is covered in terms and conditions ref; errors on website.

so cancelled

As stated by others, the X-Box is a mistake (i bet deliberate!) as i've just spoken to them on the phone!
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