Kaan Apartments (Turkey) - £25.54  for  7 Nights  - Thomas Cook.

Kaan Apartments (Turkey) - £25.54 for 7 Nights - Thomas Cook.

Found 26th Jan 2014
Not bad for a 7 night apartment in Turkey (Marmaris)

2 adults and 2 children from the 11th of april to the 18th

Total hotel cost for 7 Nights £25.54
Total Price Due Today £25.54

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Kaan Apartments

Pineta Deluxe Karsisi, Siteler, Marmaris,Turkey
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Sorry, between the 11th of april and 18th
Normal sort of price for Turkey.

Nothing to see here.
Booked thanks
Looks dirty.
Pink cupboards?!?! Nasty.
Cold in April, pool will be freezing !

Pink cupboards?!?! Nasty.

Hahah not booking heat for the price love your excuse nasty pink cupboards is that your excuse lol some jokers on here!!

Looks dirty.

your a dirty troll

Cold in April, pool will be freezing !

Yeah, it was absolutely freezing last year when I was there in late April/early May...

It was clearly warm, but I thought the car thermometer was being a little bit on the 'generous' side, but I checked the actual temp online later and it was spot on...
This place is a dump,I know I've been there, the worst holiday ever.

This place is a dump,I know I've been there, the worst holiday ever.

Marmaris is a tourist trap, if you go to a place like that then expect it to be as such. You might as well just go to Blackpool. Turkey is a fantastic place, but you have to get out of the resorts.

Heat added, but this is a deal breaker for me.

Dalaman airport is approximately 110 kms away

Make sure you try Easyjet for flights, they seem to be the cheapest as you do not have to pay extra for checked in luggage as they include hand luggage without a weight restriction just size restrictions, the larger tour operators charge an awful lot and you are left with no choice but to pay it as they have very mean hand luggage of 5kg
Great time to go to Turkey. The Lira has devalued by over 30% since last summer.
Lol the people booking this. Have fun. Love reading trip advisor.
Kaan Apartments 1st April to 8th April total cost £6.39 per room
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I'd rather pitch a tent.
The flights are very expensive, hard to get a cheap flight.

Normal sort of price for Turkey.Nothing to see here.

Do you even travel?
@MrMonkey, I came into these comments specifically thinking someone would say it, ^ this is better

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Do you even travel?

Often. Four holidays booked for this year already.

This is why I know that hotels in Turkey are priced stupidly low out of season. Ergo, it's not a bargain.....
Its £25 for a reason


Its £25 for a reasonCold

You wont have a day stay in rainy UK for that money, ****!
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