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Posted 21 February 2023

KabelDirekt Ethernet Cable 25m (Patch & network cable with break-proof design) - £7.76 @ Amazon

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  • High speed: KabelDirekt Ethernet and LAN cables are designed and tested to not only meet but exceed current internet speed requirements in the UK. Perfect for achieving maximum data transfer rates – whether for gaming, surfing, or video streaming
  • Durable: This internet cable is built to last thanks to its special twisted pair structure that protects against interference. Pick the perfect cable from our wide range of different lengths and enjoy a fast and smooth connection
  • Elastic and rock-solid: Incredibly flexible and easy to lay – yet immune to interference. Thanks to the connector’s snagless design with protected locking tab, the RJ45 cable is kept locked into the Ethernet port for a rock-solid connection
  • No risk: 36-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Wide compatibility: Our Ethernet cables are perfect for PCs/laptops, TVs, video game consoles like the PS5 and Xbox, switches/hubs, routers, modems, servers, network sockets, and any device with an RJ45 port. Perfect for both home and office use

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  1. Crossbow's avatar
    Good offer
    FLAT Cat6 25m if one prefers for £7.29 with 4 different colours to choose from at ebay.co.uk/itm…791
    30m for £1 extra in the same listing
    Alex_H's avatar
    Would always avoid flat cables tbh. They can't technically meet the cat6 standard due to design.
  2. spannerzone's avatar
    Some 1 star reviews suggest these might be CCA (copper clad aluminium) which does not meet cat6 specs...should you care about such things. Personally I'd avoid any CCA cable due to possible intermittent issues that can occur later down the line as would seem to happen if you read some of the 1 star reviews. (edited)
    CRWAB's avatar
    At this price its 100% CCA

    CCA isn't official CAT6 on paper I guess, but its still capable over short distances if there is no interference, and even when I ran a ton of cheaper CCA at home I've never had any interference issues over a decade!

    A majority of home users probably wouldn't even realise or benefit from anythign better
  3. EN1GMA's avatar
    Anyone know of a reliable supplier that does shorter ethernet cables which can handle up to 1gbs? Looking for something around 50cm cables. Thanks
  4. BrumGB's avatar
    Break proof 😯
    CrazyBob's avatar
    I think it means the locking clip which often break off if not protected.
  5. EnisE's avatar
    Can someone advise on where to buy CAT6A cables to wire the whole house? Would also appreciate some crimping tool suggestions.
    spannerzone's avatar
    Most important is to get pure copper and not CCA copper clad aluminium which is cheaper but more prone to causing poor connections.

    Get a decent mechanical punch down tool to insert and terminate cables properly in your wall outlet sockets.

    If making patch leads, use those easy fit RJ45 plugs and a decent crimping tool...but I'd just buy pre made patch leads unless I need to run through a hole etc.

    Try to run cables away from mains wiring, avoid sharp kinks etc, leave some slack in case you need to refit connections. (edited)
  6. djeyewater's avatar
    The graphic doesn't make sense, Cat 6 should be good for 10Gb/s and Cat 7 for 40Gb/s (at 50m or less lengths). Maybe they are mis-labled and their Cat 6 is actually 5e and their 7 is actually 6a.
    DuckDuck86's avatar
    Bet you googled that for the 40Gb/s

    Fairly sure the official rating is 10Gb/s for cat7, even if faster has been achieved in test environments.

    Officially you should be trained for Cat6 1Gb/s Upton 100m and Cat7 10Gb/s up to 100m.

    Networking is my weakness, but that's what I've always been instructed.
  7. Poppin's avatar
    Heat - Needed a long cable.
  8. y-so-izi's avatar
    That cat6 buzzword again
    zarftrain's avatar
    Exactly! Every time it sounds so alien to me as if someone would say "a USB3.0 stick".

    It's just a UTP cable / twisted pair. Even if it is shielded and foiled.
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