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Kaiju Wars £3.87 @ Steam

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Kaiju are approaching the city! Scramble the jets and deploy the tanks in this 2D turn-based strategy game


“Kaiju Wars stomps its way onto the strategy scene with its brilliant sense of style, distinct setting, and tight tactical gameplay. Kaiju Wars is absolutely worth a spot in your library for any strategy fan, especially for fans of all things kaiju, monstrous, and wondrous.”
85/100 – Cultured Vultures

“Toss Into The Breach and Advance Wars into a nuclear reactor with the contents of an abandoned VHS store and you'll get Kaiju Wars - a brilliant turn-based strategy game about putting off the inevitable or preferably, taking it on an extended tour of the unpopulated warehouse district, well away from your town centre.”
Recommended – Eurogamer

“An excellent game for strategy fans who love Godzilla movies. Even without that, the game has so much care and attention put into that it's hard to put it down.”
9/10 – TechRaptor
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