Kaiser Chiefs - Off With Their Heads (Album Out Today! - MP3 Download) £5

Kaiser Chiefs - Off With Their Heads (Album Out Today! - MP3 Download) £5

Found 20th Oct 2008
Newly Released, Kaiser Chiefs new album "Off With Their Heads" for just a fiver.

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"After two phenomenally successful LPs in 2005 and 2007, Leeds-based indie upstarts the Kaiser Chiefs release their third to much anticipation. The album comes with notable hype among the involved personnel - producer to the stars and DJ to Tom Cruise Mark Ronson is in charge of production (along with up-and-comer Eliot James) and Lily Allen can be heard performing backing vocals on lead single 'Never Miss A Beat'. The Chiefs' characteristic fixation with value judgements, authenticity and class remain on songs such as 'Addicted To Drugs' and 'You Want History'."

Remember to vote on the deal, and not on the album


got it 2 weeks ago

Not my cup of tea, but a good deal nonetheless....

Decent price but the album is absolutely awful, sends you to sleep the lyrics are so boring

Have to disagree. Very catchy tunes. Best since the debut album.
Addicted to Drugs is the best song they've done in ages. An homage to Doherty & Winehouse perhaps?
Will be checking if it's £6.99 at Morrisons this lunch time.
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