Kajaki: The True Story, 99p movie rent from amazon

Kajaki: The True Story, 99p movie rent from amazon

Found 28th Jul 2017
Plenty of positive reviews, worth that much. Enjoy:)
The true story of a small unit of British soldiers positioned on a ridge overlooking the Kajaki dam in Helmand Province in 2006. A three-man patrol sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock. In a dried out river bed at the foot of the ridge, one of the patrol detonates a land mine, blowing off his leg and setting into motion a desperate rescue mission.
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or buy for £1 on Cex on DVD (£5 on bluray)
With any extra features (Behind The Scenes With Cast / The Veterans’ Stories)
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Watched this film the other night, good film, not one to watch with your dinner though!
Saw this a couple of weeks ago. Didn't enjoy it tbh. It's an extremely grim film imo, although it is very realistic in its depiction of war too. And it does amply demonstrate the bravery of soldiers too.
Dam good film. Brave bastards . Full respect to them and the armed forces
Great film. Sh*t hole of a place.
It was on the iplayer a few months back. I know we don't have a time machine, but chances are the beeb will show it again.
Thanks looks like a good un. Got it free, must have had credit. 😁
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