Kalkhoff Durban, £499.00, (hub gears, dynamo lights, mudguards & rack) @ Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

Kalkhoff Durban, £499.00, (hub gears, dynamo lights, mudguards & rack) @ Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

Found 15th May 2017
I'll probably get shot down here as these still aren't cheap enough, but i'll put the effort in at highlighting these for a few that might appreciate them.

Edinburgh Bicycle appear to have started stocking an awesome German brand bike manufacturer Kalkhoff. See history here.

The three that stand out for me are (and all available in step through varieties too and electric versions at an "decent" price):

Durban 7 - Total bargain base model with hub gears, dynamo hub (i'd like to highlight all three get a standlight feature so the dynamo lights stay on at the lights, which isn't always the case with cheaper ones!), rack and mudguards, the one I've linked to. Yes its not a racer, yes its not £70 and from a supermarket. But its an awesome practical bike that would be perfect for actually getting around town and using properly. Good solid German/European brand. Superb value for money.
Their say:

This is something the Europeans do best - a comfortable city bike that's fully equipped with hub gears, dynamo lights, mudguards, chain guard and a rack.

Smooth stylish design, you can tell why Kalkhoff are one of Germany's most highly regarded bicycle companies.
Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal hub gears are intrinsically cleaner, lower maintenance and longer lasting than derailleur systems.
The Nexus twist grip gear shifter allows you to select any gear with a single sweep.
You can change gear whether the bike is moving or stationary and whether you're pedalling or freewheeling.
Real Shimano V-brakes are simple and reliable.
Rolls on durable, puncture resistant Schwalbe 700x42 tyres, which are equally capable on smooth roads and rough tracks.
Fitted with full mudguards, pannier rack, chainguard and kickstand.
The front dynamo hub powers the high quality front and rear LED lights, so no light batteries to replace or recharge.
Unlike some dynamo systems, the lights have a standlight feature, so they stay on when you stop at the traffic lights.

Durban Pro - Extra £100, but better equipped, gains shiamno hydraulic disc brakes (not the usual cheaper tektro) loses the hub gears for traditional derailleur, which definitely saves weight and i'd probably choose this one, but that's my preference to be fair

Durban Edeavour Lite - Obviously more than twice the price of the 7, and a proper trekking, adventure and touring bike, all the bells and whistles and oozing quality, but at £1250 you'd better hope so!
I'd say a true credible alternative to the Genesis Croix de Fer if you'd rather the flat bar lifestyle.
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I don't actually know! But I can't find a bike of similar quality for anywhere near that price, for what it's worth, which is why I've posted the deal. I'm after general utility, daily, urban, commuter kinda bikes - pack horses. Do you have any alternatives for this price?
I'm voting hot for the presentation of the post. Plus I like Edinburgh BC. I already have a Cadence Disc MTB and a couple of Revolution Cyclocross bikes which have stood me in good stead.
is it belt drive the hub gear one?

is it belt drive the hub gear one?

Wouldn't think so at that price I'm afraid... you can ask using the form at the bottom of the page though.

Personally, the one I'd go for is this: Boris Kalkhoff Endeavour 8 which has the Alfine 8 shifter but only a Nexus hub (plus Gates drive) but it is £859.

There is also a Ghost Urban 6 on Amazon with the full Alfine 8 drivetrain @ £850 but it doesn't have the lights or front suspension. Ghost Urban 6 2017 Grey
Oops I think I somehow glossed over the Endeavour 8 whilst i was reading through them. Yeah that's sweet too, so much choice from that brand. Unlike the cookie cutter boring same things specialized have been churning out for years. The Ghost on Amazon is certainly interesting and good looking too, do I get a bike delivered from Amazon =/? And i'm trying to work out whether I want a dynamo hub or not now days, it seems a cool addition, and practical, but rechargeable LED lights are so cheap and good enough to make it an unnecessary expense...?

Uber comfortable city bike from Germany

It may have passed through Germany but I suspect it spent most of its time in China. Not a criticism just I think the text on edinburgh cycles site is very misleading and implies German made. It's all pretty standard parts of which almost all come from China. Don't know where the frame comes from at best it is Taiwan but likely China or even somewhere cheaper and the Schwalbe tyres are normally made in indonesia I believe. If it comes in a box and you have to put the front wheel on yourself you might as well claim its british made going by this definition of being german.

Edinburgh cycles used to configure their own bikes and buy direct from the factories, the courier model that used to be very popular, shame if they are moving away from that.

They could have configured a bike with a superior nexus 8 hub and possibly drum brakes like the old Carrera Subway 8 and come in at under £500.

The entry level model at £500 definitely seems the best value because of the hub but not convinced the dearer models are worth the price. None of them do much for your visibility on the road to other vehicles.

Also they seem badly thought out, the basic model has all weather hub gears but V brakes which are not all weather. The bike with disc brakes (all weather) has derailleur gears (not all weather). The best use of hub gears is with drum or disc brakes.
I'm after something with hub gears and discs myself, but some interesting bikes here.
Quite impressed with the manuals, both the standard english and australian english versions have a lot of good info which any bike owner could benefit from.


I voted hot because I think the entry level bike is good value and definitely a good deal for the spec. Actually a dutch owned brand now.
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