Kameleon 4 in 1 universal controller - 14.99

Kameleon 4 in 1 universal controller - 14.99

Found 14th Dec 2006
f you're tired of remote controls cluttering up your home, then One For All's Kameleon 4 offers a stylish and practical solution. As the name suggests, the Kameleon 4 will learn up to four remote controls - ample for most home entertainment needs which, say, include a TV, Sky box, DVD and recorder. Using a combination of preset codes and a learning feature, the Kameleon 4 will replicate the vast majority of remotes.

Perhaps most striking of all is the unique Electro Luminous display, which lights a restful blue glow over the keys when touched. Just the keys needed light when operated, and the functions are highly comprehensive including Fastext colour buttons, Teletext and menu features.

Stylish, easy to use and now, thanks to your friends at Richer Sounds, available at a bargain price, the One For All Kameleon 4 is a fabulous clutter buster!

NOTE: The price on website shows £19.95 but it was advertised in VIP deals as £14.95. Print out VIP deals screenshots (see next message) and bring it to store.
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Here are the screenshots:

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I own one of these! I would not recommend it though because it eats batteries as if they were going out of fashion. It can go through a set of 4 Duracells in a week if you have children.

I've stopped using it and I'm currently using a £5.99 one from ALDI which is good some of the time (but is tempramental).
Had one for a couple of years. Bit dated looking now and yes it does like the odd battery or two.
I've got SRC-3000 from Maplins and it is superb I think that Richers Sounds are still selling it under Cambridge Audio name.

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