kameleon 8 in 1 remote £17.99 at play.com
kameleon 8 in 1 remote £17.99 at play.com

kameleon 8 in 1 remote £17.99 at play.com

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seams a good price for a well know brand. Free postage quidco etc and instock.

Fumbling around for the TV remote is one of modern life's greatest irritants. And, with the advent of so many other remote controlled devices - VCR, DVD, CD, Satellite - couch potato life gets harder all the time.
Thankfully, you can now put an end to multiple remote misery with the sleek and sophisticated Kameleon 8-in-1 and its little brother, the 5-in-1. These ingenious wafers of hi-tech jiggery pokery are universal remote control units that can operate up to eight - yes, eight - entertainment appliances at once. From your TV and VCR to your DVD, CD, Audio, satellite and cable, these gorgeously svelte, touch sensitive remotes do the lot.

Kameleon 5-in-1Ergonomically designed to fit snugly into all manner of mitts, the Kameleon impresses the very second you pick it up. Built-in motion sensors activate an ultra cool, electro-luminescent display panel that resembles something from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (Picard era; Kirk's toupee would quiver at the sight of this Primary Directive busting baby). In fact, even when you're not using it to operate things, the Kameleon doubles up as a pretty nifty pretend Tricorder (we really should get out more).

Best of all, an ingenious 'no clutter' key system means that only the keys of the active device are illuminated at any one time, so you won't see a profusion of confusing FFWD/RWD keys when you're operating your TV! To infuriate your friends further, certain keys even have animations. And just to hammer the final nail in the coffin of other remotes, the Kameleon is also future-proof. A built-in modem enables it to be updated with new device codes via phone or internet download.


Amazon reviews are bad. Keys becoming unresponsive apparently.

This one from Play.com too and is much better and same price


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I have one of these, its great - If you have a non-standard device that you want to use it will also record the transmission from your old controller.
I paid full price a couple of years ago and its never once played up .
Heat added !
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This one from Play.com too and is much better and same … This one from Play.com too and is much better and same price[url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.play.com%2FElectronics%2FElectronics%2F4-%2F17391022%2FLogitech-Harmony-300-Universal-Remote%2FProduct.html]http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/17391022/Logitech-Harmony-300-Universal-Remote/Product.html[/url]

wow that's gone up!

They went as low as £9.99 before xmas.

I wouldn't necessarily say the Harmony 300 was 'better'. The keys aren't backlit, and it's only capable of controlling 4 devices.
Though I have been impressed with the way the Harmony config. is web based with a huge catalogue of supported devices, and fully customizable to boot.

Still, i've reached the envelope of the 300's capabilities & find myself looking for a more fully-featured remote. Probably a better Harmony.
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