Kameleon URC 8305 5 In 1 Remote Control £16.99 at Play

Kameleon URC 8305 5 In 1 Remote Control £16.99 at Play

Found 5th Jan 2011
They also have the 8 in 1 for £17.99 but it's not in stock right now



Are these any good for say sky,xbox also do they work most tv's or just the popular ones

Major battery drainers !!!! beware unless you like re-charging and changing batteries every week

^^ as above. It's not that they drain the batteries just that they only work with fully charged ones. Mine lasts about a month before it starts freezing and playing up and you need new batteries again.

On the plus side, it works with a huge amount of kit\brands. If you can't find yours listed it will also learn commands from your existing remote (as I had to do with a no name speaker bar). Mine is set-up for a Panasonic plasma, SKYHD, a freeview box and the speaker bar (which I have macro'ed to turn on/off and +/- volume when on the satellite setting).

All in all, a good replacement for all your remotes if you can handle the battery thing.


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For £17.99 Ive taken the punge oO

I was going to get a Harmony but this maybe the cheaper alternative

We'll see (_;)
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