Kane And Lynch And PGR4 360 £23.50

Kane And Lynch And PGR4 360 £23.50

Found 10th Dec 2007
Rightey ho, I know this isn't the best game, but £22.49 is a good price even if its just to try it out!CEX give £21 cash so your not losing out on much!
Forgot to add £1 delivery
Also there is PGR4 for £23.50! Not that is a different matter!
Brill game and a brill price!
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Great price. I thought the demo was ok.

May pick it up in the new year.

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Sorry Can A mod change the title to £23.50 each?

good price. really wanted the game but reviews have put me off im going to wait. voted hot

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By the way where is everyone getting the demo from?

Good price but out of stock...
Cheapest otherwise and in stock is at game £29.99 less quidco and if you add something for 1p you can use a £5.00 voucher.

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Darn wasnt when i checked :-(

Does anyone know if this is another web only offer or if it's the same price in store too ???

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Same price in store definately!Saw this aft


Same price in store definately!Saw this aft

Cheers for that mate. Only ordered online twice off them and had problems both times so I'd much rather go in and buy this.

just been in Kane & Lynch for Xbox 360 £22:49 loads on shelf in Cardiff


Yeah that is a great price for a great game the only bad thing about the game is short storyline but yeah I would get it if I had a 360
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