Kane and Lynch Xbox 360 £6 instore @ HMV

Kane and Lynch Xbox 360 £6 instore @ HMV

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Kane and Lynch Xbox 360 £6 instore at HMV.

* Tense and Unpredictable Experience - This is the violent and chaotic journey of two men: a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath. Each hates the other but must work together to save themselves and possibly the ones they love. Play Kane in single-player mode and either character in two-player co-op mode.
* Violence Erupts in Meticulously Created 'Safe' Worlds - Realistic and responsive environments and crowds react when events get of out control. Crowded nightclubs and calm bank offices become scenes of sudden terror. Manipulate the environments and crowds strategically to complete objectives.
* Wide Variety of Intense 3rd Person Gameplay - Rappel from buildings, firing on the run or from moving vehicles, launch surprise attacks, lay down cover fire, and shoot blind from around corners, hurl smoke, tear, and incendiary grenades.
* Fast and Intuitive Combat - Lead a crew of criminal mercenaries to increase your chance of surviving and reaching your goals. You can also fight alone as your crew AI will automatically draw fire, throw grenades, lay down cover, and engage in close combat with their own signature moves.
* Two-player Co-operative Gameplay - Team up and play the full story with a friend as either Kane or Lynch. On the big jobs, split the command of your crew. At any point in the game you can choose to play the next, or previous, levels in co-op.
* Innovative Multiplayer Levels - Based on the game's themes for up to 8 players.


new or second hand? showing up as £9.99 online

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Brand new, got it sitting infront of me, sealed.

well then thats hot from me

Will give this a crack for that price. Almost anything with some offline co-op or versus gets my vote these days. Too few local MP games around for when the lads visit.

There only online versus and its teamwork not versus and theres only offline co-op so make sure you have friends!!! If you want it make sure you have the boosters before hand. Im currently on 975/1250 GS. I'll do it when i find boosters.

The game that got Jeff Gerstmann fired and destroyed the reputation of Gamespot.com

Even if it was free. No thanks.


The game that got Jeff Gerstmann fired and destroyed the reputation of … The game that got Jeff Gerstmann fired and destroyed the reputation of Gamespot.comEven if it was free. No thanks.

Was thinking the same thing, he's got his own site Giant Bomb now.

Not a bad game - voted hot!
Stupidy hard in some place though!
Overall it plays well, feels a bit like max payne to play, co-op mode is also good


Was thinking the same thing, he's got his own site Giant Bomb now.

Yeah giantbomb.com is awesome! It's like a wikipedia game site :thumbsup:

In all reality who gives a stuff about Jeff Gerstmann, you have your feelings and opinions about games, i happen to think Kane and Lynch is quite a playable game and is even better on the co-op, well worth £6 so voted hot...

Wasn't a big fan of the game - but at £6 you can't go wrong! H+R

I was one of the few that thought this game was fantastic. HOT!

The price reflects the quality of this game.

Take it you weren't an earthworm jim fan then, cause I remember picking that up for about £4

I called HMV watford and the women said it was £19.99

£6 in leadmill market london store
Was going to post this deal myself but didn't get the chance.
I may give it ago for £6, but got so many games to play dont think I will ever get around to this one.

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I thought that but

A)I'm giving it as a present
B)It's meant to be an okay game
C)I can trade it or sell it at not much of a loss and have completed the game.

Finished this in off line co-op with my GF and although frustrating in places its a fine game. Just dont get me started on the bit with the truck...
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