Kane and Lynch (XBox 360) w/exclusive Sleeve - £4.99 @ HMV
Kane and Lynch (XBox 360) w/exclusive Sleeve - £4.99 @ HMV

Kane and Lynch (XBox 360) w/exclusive Sleeve - £4.99 @ HMV

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emporers new clothes

It's gotta be worth a fiver, surely? Purchased.

good find, ordered, cant be bad to a fiver for it

good find, worth a fiver, heat added

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Good find, definitely worth a fiver.

worth a fiver, ordered thanks


not a bad game got this on the ps3 voted hot!

excellent well spotted :thumbsup:

one of my fav games beleive it not :p, just bought this for a fiver wwith no manual on ebay =[

Is this any good?

yes online was awesome back when i played it and the story is decent

Bought. I'm hoping for £5 it will have some redeeming features - IO can't have gone to shiz that much. I hope HMV take less than the 2 weeks they took to deliver The Big Lebowski on HDDVD though. Bad HMV, in your bed.

Don't let the reviews put you off..

This is great game and is alot of fun!*

Its last about 7 hours and is great from a difficulty point of view the story is also good.

The Graphics are ok nothing special but they really don't need to be awesome as TRUST me the highlight is the team play....


* So long as you have a friend to play co-op with

ty, ordered and heat added


woah ! incredible find HOT http://www.avatarjunkie.net/cimg/f63f65b503e22cb970527f23c9ad7db1.gif

Exclusive sleeve is £4.99 on site but £17.99 when you try to check out. Normal version is still £4.99 though.

It shows as £17.99 when i add it to basket:roll:

For the past 30 mins ive been trying to order this,my internet is playing up and now its back to £17.99 in my basket,aaarrrggghhh!

Typical! I bought it from PC World for a 9.97 yesterday. Can't say I have been that struck by it yet. Seems pretty dated compared to something like GTA4, but I haven't given up on it yet. A mate at work says it is a good 2 player game.

I'd be willing to spend £5 to play the game that ruined Gamespot.

I already have this game and do think it's quite good.

what a giant bomb of a game

Just missed out on the sleeved copy. Got normal one for same price though. Good find!

ordered 1 thanks

cex offer £6.00 cash and £8.00 for trade for this game

Paid a full £6 for this from HMV on Boxing Day. Barstewards!

normal versions listed as 4.99, but shows as 17.99 in basket.

for god's sake HMV, sort your site out :@

This is beginning to **** me off £4.99 or £17.99?:x


This is beginning to **** me off £4.99 or £17.99?:x

Me too......


I just received my order, but they sent me the normal version....very naughty!:x
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