Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Xbox 360) £7.97 Delivered @AMAZON

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Xbox 360) £7.97 Delivered @AMAZON

Found 18th Oct 2008Made hot 18th Oct 2008
A tense and unpredictable experience featuring two men who hate each other but must work together to save themselves and the ones they love
Realistic and responsive environments and crowds react when things get out of hands. Manipulate the environments and crowds strategically to complete objectives
Wide variety of intense 3rd person gameplay: rappel from buildings, fire from moving vehicles, launch surprise attacks, lay down cover fire, and shoot blind from around corners
Lead a crew of criminal mercenaries to increase your chance of surviving and reaching your goals, or fight alone and your crew AI will automatically draw fire, throw grenades, and engage in close combat with their own signature moves
Innovative multiplayer levels


good game but the online is superb, loads of fun

Voted Hot - Good game co-op is fun too!

i always thought online on this was the bomb! (ps3) i wonder if people play online on the xbox 360 these days tho, i sold the game a while back, wouldnt mind rebuyin this for my xbox

should be ok, and even if its not too great, im sure it ill entertain me for a couple of hours, for the same cost as going to the cinema.


Brilliant game, well worth £8. HOT!

Great game for this money, it's a little hard to get used to and some parts are REALLY hard to progress through.

A little annoyed that I just bought this for a friend for £9.20 used so we could play co-op...

ta :thumbsup:

Rubbish game - good price.

Could never bring myself around to completing this game as it was so boring.

Excellent game

Good price.

Voted Hot
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