Kane & Lynch (PS3) Out 23rd November only 34 quid!!!

Kane & Lynch (PS3) Out 23rd November only 34 quid!!!

Found 19th Nov 2007
Seems a good price for a ps3 game,

virgin card holders get an extra 10% off as well! see voucher section for the code,

not sure if this price is because its a pre-order so the price might rise to 38 quid on release day (23rd)


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why is this cold people... explain your actions!!! lol

Not a bad price but the game isn't getting good reviews at the moment. GamerTV didn't particularly like it and here is one review that really points out the flaws of the game:

Gametrailers video review = 8/10


this game has been reviewd most places as shockingly bad. I can see it comming down to £20 within a few weeks:|
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