Kaos trap instock online at Game £7.99

Kaos trap instock online at Game £7.99

Found 19th Dec 2014
Kaos trap instock at Game online £7.99 7.25pm Friday 19th December

£7.99 as of 20.20pm
- bigtam1


Always the way, one minute you can't find them, then they are everywhere.

Great thanks!!! Ordered!!!

woop woop managed get one .many thanks

cheers, ordered

thanks ordered

£6.99 in sainsburys
sorry no heat

torquay store had about 10 left on the shelf today
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Got mine from smyths (Sheffield) today for £5.99. Showing none in stock on line but had 5/6 on the shelf.

Awesome. Managed to order not just one but two. That's my lad and my nephew sorted. Thanks. Heat.

Managed to get one too. This was the last thing I've been looking for to finish my Christmas shopping. Thanks OP, you're a star!





Out of stock most places though

Just got one, overpriced but my son has been wanting it since the release of Trap Team, cheers OP!

Heat. Ordered online to be delivered, no need to chase around the country wasting fuel and offset on accumulated points on Game Card.

Ordered, will believe it when I see it if it actually arrives!

Finally got one! Okay, so it's slightly overpriced so not technically a deal as such, but like many others this has been on the Xmas list. After being let down once by Argos (they stickered an Undead trap with the Kaos Trap code), and not living close to a Smyths store it is nice to be able to get one delivered before Xmas Day. I guess Santa is going to get all the credit for bringing it on Xmas Day!!

Ordered, been looking for these for awhile

Thank you for saving christmas!!

Who took the free delivery ?

Thanks ,just got an email from Amazon France cancelling my order!

The French batch got pulled. Someone had produced a load of cheap copies

£7.99 now!

will these arrive before Xmas day?

what? drop by two pound after I ordered!!

Argos dropped from 19.99 to 5.99 like 5mins after my friend ordered!

Just re-ordered one at £7.99, bizarre!

cancelled and reordered at 7.99 lol

re-ordered then cancelled the original order.

website down, so can't cancel and reorder... not happy

You have to choose express delivery or else it will not get to you until after xmas.


£6.99 in sainsburyssorry no heattorquay store had about 10 left on the … £6.99 in sainsburyssorry no heattorquay store had about 10 left on the shelf today

Well heat from me & no doubt those of us who don't live near Sainsburys Torquay & have been trying to get hold of one of these for weeks.

They have a lot. Will let me order 80 if i want. lol. Only need 1 for the boy, I'm not greedy.


website down, so can't cancel and reorder... not happy

I've had problems with Internet Explorer the past day on the Game site. Works fine in Chrome though if you wanted to try that.

Why has this expired? Still showing as available on the website.

£7.99 now. Website up again.

Why expired? Its still in stock (Unlike the Smyths deal which hasn't been in stock on-line all day)& the op has amended the price to reflect the drop.

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site now working, reordered... fingers crossed they have enough in stock and don't cancel order

Less than 5 available now. Had 80 5 mins ago.

Out of stock.

OOS. Unlimited quantity reckon someone bought a lorry full?
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