Karcher FJ10C - £30 in-store but £16.60 online C&C @ Halfords

Karcher FJ10C - £30 in-store but £16.60 online C&C @ Halfords

Found 10th Sep 2017Edited by:"mistachesta"
Was waiting to have some bulbs fitted and spotted one remainng FJ10C sitting pretty on the shelf at £30. As I've been looking at getting one for a while I thought it seemed expensive as they're usually around the £20 mark.

Quick google search concluded I could reserve online for £16.60 and collect within an hour at Halfords... took to the till to query and left the store with a pretty good deal I thought. It's even showing online as usually £22... so they've got three price points. Unscrupulous retail stores!!

However... I'll post again given I've just found it on Amazon for less than £14!!! Grrrr....
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Good stuff, I bought 6 of them a few weeks ago when they were £16 when by 3for2 offer, sold the others at £25 making a wee profit
sorry for posting here but has anyone found one of these foam jets for a vax powerwasher??
I could never get the Karcher one to work properly, I bought an after market one and that works fine
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