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Posted 2 May 2023

Karcher K4 Power Control Pressure Washer - £174 / £156.60 with trading card + free delivery @ Wickes

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Hi Guys.
My First ever post so not sure if it's any good.
Just found the Karcher K4 at Wickes for £174 Brand new.
The cheapest prices I've seen so far also a further 10% off if you have a trade card bringing it down to £156.60 not sure if they accept any other discount card.
I've just bought one so may be if anyone needs one seem a good price.
Thank you

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The versatile Kärcher K4 Power Control Pressure Washer makes it simple to select just the right pressure for the job, whether you're cleaning the patio or removing mud from delicate car paintwork.

Easily adjust the pressure from one surface to another using the LED pressure setting display on the trigger gun for three different settings, and switch between the vario and dirt blaster lances.

The machine's Plug 'n' Clean system applies detergent as you clean for maximum efficiency. With its 8m high-pressure hose, telescopic handle and stable design, this machine gives you plenty of reach without falling over.

Always have Kärcher on hand with the Kärcher App which offers useful hints and tips from setting up your machine or step by step application guides. On-board storage keeps the trigger gun, hose and lances neatly stored away, while its state-of-the-art water-cooled motor means this durable pressure washer will give you outstanding performance for years to come.

Using a Kärcher pressure washer uses 80% less water than your garden hose. Using a Kärcher pressure washer with a patio cleaner reduces your cleaning time by half, reducing your electricity consumption by 50%.

All Kärcher pressure washers can be used from an alternative water source, such as a water butt. This means that our machines can be used even without access to an outdoor tap, and makes them more environmentally friendly.


  • Kärcher Always On Hand - To help you get the job done our specifically designed app is full of useful hints and tips. From setting up the machine to step by step application tips
  • Pressure Settings Made Simple - Use the LED display on the trigger gun to select the right pressure for the job
  • Easily Switch Between Surfaces - A Vario lance and Dirt blaster lance simply connect to the Power Control Trigger Gun and allow you to select the right pressure for cleaning any surface
  • Cleaning Made Simple - Make light work of applying detergent with the Plug 'n' Clean system - just click in the bottle, choose your accessory, and you're good to go
  • Get To Work Instantly - Get started with minimum effort. The Quick Connect system instantly links the high-pressure hose to the machine and trigger gun
  • Everything In One Place - Keep everything you need close to hand with on-board storage for the lances and cable
  • Easy To Pull And Store - Select the perfect pulling height with the telescopic handle, which retracts completely to save space when you don't need it
  • Built To Last - You'll get years of use thanks to the state-of-the-art water cooled motor, built for top performance and durability
  • Maximum Stability - This machine won’t just fall over - a low centre of gravity, hose guide and larger base keep it as stable as can be whilst in use, and in storage

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  1. georgieboy123's avatar
    We bought one of these about 5 years ago. It just started leaking water and had no pressure. Bought a genuine Karcher part off Amazon for £9 and now as good as new. If I’d bought a cheaper brand, I’m guessing I wouldn’t have got the part so easily/cheaply. I would recommend this, it’s been a good tool
    COUPONKEV's avatar
    A part that saved mine was this. The motor covering cap. During winter the part can expand causing an internal water leak. here

    It comes with the large and small o-rings. (edited)
  2. iby2012's avatar
    Here's a fun question, what's the difference between operating pressure and max pressure.

    And why is it that other places state the max pressue is 130 bar, and this states the operating pressue is 130 bar?
    From what I have looked up, it's 110.

    Which isn't a big deal compared to the difference of 180 to 120 for the K7 premium
    iby2012's avatar
    tested the K7 Compact, hit the pressue it said it would and the flow rate was almost there too at 8L per minute.

    The difference then is quality of parts and how long the machine is going to last.

    Although reviews of Karcher suggest going for the K5 if you don't need the K7, due to the longer hose and better pressure.

    pyracantha.co.uk/bes…io/ (edited)
  3. P55OFU's avatar
    P55OFU Author
    £140 refurbished
    £156.60 Brand new with 2 year warranty.
    Good find mate
  4. smudgemobile's avatar
    Nilfisk every time
    core's avatar
    Uh, I've got C135.1i and I regret it immensely. Didn't run at all, brand new, all I've got was a short burst (split of second) of the pump working after I powered it on.

    Pressing the trigger on the lance achieves less water pressure than straight from the hose (no wonder, since the pump is off). Of course Titan and Karcher pressure washers work just fine on this (very short) section of the hose, and of course when connected to the neighbours tap (the one using bottom-of-the-barrel Titan) my Nifilsk doesn't work at all.

    Seeking forums for similar issues suddenly reveals bizarre design decisions discussed by the unfortunate users (some backpressure microswitches, badly connected), and the methods to alleviate the problem.

    Quite crap really - I'm clearly not the only one, there are many, and the fact it works for most doesn't nullify the fact the design is broken.

    I regret buying Nifilsk and I'm in the process of warranty call on it. I'll buy the most average Karcher people love to (beep) on around here, because it just works.
  5. Andy's avatar
    Thanks for taking the time to share, - nice find (and first deal)
    P55OFU's avatar
    P55OFU Author
    Thank you, Andy. Appreciate it
  6. batdroid's avatar
    How does one get a trading card
  7. ady85's avatar
    Is is worth getting the k5 version over this?
    batdroid's avatar
    Longer hose and more pressure
  8. Ciggy's avatar
    Ordered thanks
    batdroid's avatar
    How many years warranty?
  9. ace_rees's avatar
    K4 is up to 130 bar. It depends on the attachment you are using and also if you turn the sprayer to less pressure for example when you have a soap coming through at the same time.
  10. ady85's avatar
    Is k5 worth getting over this? 15 bar more pressure
    ace_rees's avatar
    Do you need to remove the paint off your car lol
    But in all seriousness I don’t think so but I suppose what you are using it for.
  11. JohnSmith21's avatar
    I’ve had 4 off this brand and they all lost pressure after the first year. I only use them once a year so it’s some sort of deterioration of a part which should be made better no doubt.
    I will never buy one again.
    MicroManaged's avatar
    I'm 5yrs in on my K5 and it's used, a lot.
  12. Deal_NoDeal's avatar
    Can I use someone else trading card?
's avatar