Karcher WB60 Deluxe Soft Surface Wash Brush £10 @ B&Q (Free C+C)

Karcher WB60 Deluxe Soft Surface Wash Brush £10 @ B&Q (Free C+C)

Found 23rd Jun 2017
Soft brush. Works great on windows and cars. Apparently a must for Karcher owners.

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Karcher WB60 Deluxe Soft Brush

This Karcher WB60 soft surface wash brush is ideal for cleaning large areas.

Compatibility - Compatible with Karcher K2-K7 pressure washers

Features and Benefits
Better dirt loosening and efficient cleaning
Accessories included: WB60 Soft Surface Wash Brush
Comes with: WB60 Soft Surface Wash Brush


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For the love of god, don't use this on your car!

For the love of god, don't use this on your car!

How come?

For the love of god, don't use this on your car!

It's designed to be used on cars so I don't see why not?
hmmmm. same reason to stay away form Mr £5 carwash. dragging all that dirt across your car and scratching it with every moment. no tar.

How come?

Bristles don't do nice things to paint. They are soft bristles on this brush, but I personally still wouldn't use it on my car.
We have this and it's absolutely fine (car's hubby's pride and joy). It runs water through it while your cleaning so the dirt's getting diluted with every movement. So in that sense it's less damaging than e.g. a sponge or cloth.
Just looked through the B&Q site, searching Karcher and there's quite a few savings including the brush with the Car/Bike cleaning fluids at half price (£24)

Also replacement blades for Window Vac (that I've ordered) £7.87 and the patio cleaner attachment for £43. Bought this last year and the difference it made to NOT getting it all over the walls and doors etc to this where there's no splashing at all and so much easier to use than the spray. (P.S. not on commission just a cleaning freak).
Agree with the comments above, would never use this or a sponge on a car - but then it depends on peoples car cleaning methods. Its the difference between washing a car, "valeting" or detailing. I'm in the detailing end of the spectrum and most people I know, think I'm odd that its actually something I really enjoy! (some people love ironing and I'd rather stick pins in my eye!)

Always have a giggle when someone shows me a car (especially black cars), that they proudly tell me they have cleaned and polished all day and whilst it is clean, all I can see are swirl marks that are shinny.

Anyway - back on topic, great price, might order one to clean the conservatory (_;)
agree with above comments, all depends on how fanatical you are washing your car. I dont see/mind the swirl marks, which will be harrowing to a detailer

This brush isnt going to work like the jet wash brushes though? They have heated water with loads of foam coming out.. anyway i can get that for my home?
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