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Posted 28 May 2023

Karcher WV1 Refurbished Window Vacuum - £19.99 +£4.99 Delivery - 12 month Warranty @ Karcher Outlet

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Buy now & receive the 6 month warranty upgrade free of charge, providing 12 months domestic use warranty coverage for your refurbished window vacuum!

The Karcher WV1 is an innovative handheld window cleaner that effortlessly sucks up moisture and leaves surfaces streak-free, clean and dry.

It makes window cleaning easy - simply spray your windows with detergent, clean off dirt with a cloth, then vacuum the water away. You can use your WV1 on condensation too, whether it’s inside your home or steamed-up windows in the car – just one quick wipe and the job’s done.

This versatile tool isn’t just for cleaning windows – it’s ideal for tackling all kinds of cleaning jobs around the home, with a 250mm cleaner head that's ideal for shower screens and tiles. It also leaves mirrors sparkling clean, and even sucks up liquid spills from floors and worktops.

The Karcher WV1 is fully rechargeable, lightweight and easy to use, with a powerful lithium-ion battery that can clean up to 45 windows in just one charge.

Features & Benefits

Fast, efficient cleaning - effortless cleaning & drying of your windows
Streak-free results - no drips of dirty water thanks to powerful suction
Versatile cleaning of windows, tiles, showers, mirrors, glass tables & spills
20 minute battery runtime per charge

Pack Size:Each Weight (kg):0.55 Recovery Tank:100ml Colour:Yellow & Black Battery Run Time:20 mins Tools Inc:250mm Suction Nozzle & Charger Warranty:6 Months, can be upgraded to 12 Months Model Number:1.633-011.0 Depth (mm):130 Height (mm):275 Width (mm):250 Condition:Refurbished
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  1. TheWightman's avatar
    Got one, they are not great. OK ish for hoovering water off glass. End of... cold for me (edited)
    zeddy's avatar
    Same here. I thought it was better than this as I’ve only heard good stuff but it was a let down. Maybe better if I I had got a higher model, but I won’t be buying another. (edited)
  2. the_pumpkin_king's avatar
    Just got a wv1 thinking it would be as good as the wv2. It's really not even close, being about half the size and cheaply assembled. Fit for the bin
  3. Rone's avatar
    Showing as 21.99 for me
  4. das1969's avatar
    Ordered, thanks.
  5. Chewkungfu's avatar
    Way better than struggling with bottles of streaky window cleaner. Just wet the window all over with water and wipe off with this, so easy, works fine. (edited)
  6. Woodeeeey's avatar
    I have this as well as the WV50. This one is only used while the WV50 is charging as it is slightly too underpowered. Karcher seem to have value engineered it so that it's not really fit for purpose.
  7. Toneluck's avatar
    Chocolate teapot springs to mind....
    pibpob's avatar
    On the contrary, they're excellent for removing condensation from windows.
  8. DealsRus's avatar
    I have just checked the website and they have other models I was thinking about the wv5 for £45 any one can give some feedback
    balgill007's avatar
    Hey. I have the karcher WV5. And it’s absolutely brilliant. That’s just my opinion, I’ve had it for over a year now and I use it all the time. £45 is a great price too. I paid £60.
    hope this helps.
  9. matty_hunt's avatar
    Just purchased two of the WV Black edition £29.99 + £4.99 (£29.99 x 2 + £6.99pp) supposed to be the same as the WV2 but different colour and a little cheaper. (though prefer the yellow over the blackbut got to save those £) Have been using a WV70 since it first came out, years and years ago. Battery still going strong but on/off switch broken. Read reviews on the WV5 but looks like its same engine as WV2 but has extra features that dont add value to my mind. Some reviews have said these new models dont suck as well as the originals, will wait and see. Thanks for the post. Been waiting an age for a deal.
  10. matty_hunt's avatar
    Many reviews Ive read suggest the WV1 is not worth it. Issues with vacuuming horizontally which I take to mean the motor suction is not powerful enough to prevent the water dribbling out in the horizontal position. Because of the window cills, when Im cleaning up the condensation on the inside of the windows during the winter the only way to get the bottom 10" or so of the window is to use it horizontally. Thus a WV2 is a minimum for me.
  11. wotguvnotmeguv's avatar
    I don’t know which Karcher window vac I have and I can’t be bothered digging it out from the back of the cupboard to find out. Never found it convenient at all - you end up spending more time spraying liquid on to the surface anyway, by which time you may as well have used Windolene and a rag.

    Best results I’ve achieved with it have been average at best.
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