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Kärcher WV5 Plus N Window Vacuum - £51.99 Delivered (With Code) @ Karcher

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Kärcher’s WV 5 Plus N is the quick and easy way to achieve streak-free surfaces around your home. This rechargeable handheld vac has a powerful lithium-ion battery lasting up to 35 minutes.

“Obviously, an updated version of the wv2 is the Karcher wv5. With a 25% increase in battery performance, this window vacuum cleaner has been designed specifically to cut down on your cleaning time. This developed version also comes with a three-step LED display located on the screen handle. Just like the wv2, this product too comes along with a cleaning spray liquid plus a microfiber cloth and two nozzles (wide and narrow).

Additionally, the wv5 comes with a nozzle with distance spacers to enhance your cleaning routine. The battery of this model is removable which can prove convenient while charging the same. Owing to its extended battery life, this product is able to clean a pretty large area in a single charge. However, this does mean that it requires an additional amount of time to charge. Also, this product works with minimal noise, thereby eliminating the need to listen to an annoying sound while cleaning. Priced just a little more than the wv2, this window vacuum cleaner is a bit on the expensive side, but nevertheless completely worth it.”

Taken from pressure washer reviewer website
Karcher More details at Karcher
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  1. Avatar
    This or the wv6 premium for £80.

    God its hard to pick a karcher with all these versions lmao. If money is no option i mean what is the better choice given the battery issue?
    The WV6, it has 100 minutes run time, and reduced charging time, and the WV6 non premium is £67.99 on Amazon 🏻
  2. Avatar
    Cold even though it’s a newer/better model than the one that went hot today at only £6 difference?
  3. Avatar
    I bought this version after a previous model had a duff battery that wasn't repairable. I suspect that for many paying for this version will work out cheaper long term.

    As for the cold votes, well that's hotdeals for you. Maybe because there are cheaper versions or models

    Fortunately I got mine for less than £40. Unless you get a time machine in the Black Friday sales this might be the cheapest currently available.
    Yeah I did it has been cheaper in the past, but I guess with the current situation, some things just aren’t being as discounted as before 🤷🏼‍♂️ who knows
  4. Avatar
    Not sure why is this cold.. seems good deal to me
  5. Avatar
    Oh no I recently bought for £58.99 Black Friday deal on Amazon. This is even cheaper. I know it has a removable battery but the real reason I got it was the additional smaller head and most of my windows have side rows of smaller panes that the ordinary width head will miss out completely. Also now use the edge guidance feature to stop it catching on the rubber window edging. Thing you don’t find in the midway wv2 model
  6. Avatar
    What fools are down-voting this?! I was just about to spend £65 on the Karcher website, thankfully just checked this site, and you have just saved me another £13. Thank you!!
    Glad it’s helped 🏻 🏻
  7. Avatar
    This is an amazing deal for the WV5. This is the sort of money the WV2 goes for at the moment.

    Bought and updated.
  8. Avatar
    Bought thanks. I think the recent it was down voted is because at first glance it looks like the same model that B&Q are doing for £45, hotukdeals.com/dea…198, but this is the new model with an extra nozzle
    Yh don’t know why it’s been down voted, but at least it’s helped a few people buy it! Definitely a decent deal
  9. Avatar
    Amazing, this has just saved me spending £65 on it!
  10. Avatar
    Spend the whole day contemplating if I should or perhaps worth getting this, and having checked few other brands and price, this has got to be a real deal! Got one with almost 2hrs to spare before the end of the deal! Thanks for sharing and I’m not sure why this is not getting SUPER HOT?
    Thanks! I’ve come to the conclusion that it is because the WV2 is £6 cheaper atm oh well. But yh, Idecided to get one after watching a video on YouTube from Charlie DIYte about moisture, and got myself one of these and some hygrometers, posted a deal for them too, so important to check track of it, might be a bit OTT
  11. Avatar
    What's the difference with the wv2?
    Updated the description with a quote about the differences 🏻 but main thing is the removable battery, so don’t have to replace the whole unit if it the battery goes faulty
  12. Avatar
    My first cold deal, 🥶🥶🥶🥶 feels rough
  13. Avatar
    -( 0q
  14. Avatar
    Great deal, I'd already bought one the basic model at Argos. So much better than kitchen towel!
  15. Avatar
    Is it normal for this to still be charging after 6 hours? It's the first charge