Karcher WV70 £43.99, WX60 £36.99, WV50 £27.99, £5.95 p+p (REFURBS) via KARCHER OUTLET

Karcher WV70 £43.99, WX60 £36.99, WV50 £27.99, £5.95 p+p (REFURBS) via KARCHER OUTLET

Found 5th Dec 2014
Been keeping an eye out for these, got an stock alert earlier and snapped up the WV70

Hope this helps!


Or pay £6 more and get a new one from Amazon. By the time you add in postage and the extra warranty it's only £6 more at Amazon for a new one...

For the WV60 model that is...


wv75 brand new a currys £49.99 with free delivery. this wv60 comes to £46.93 with warranty and delivery.

well confusing the different models....what are the differences bewteen these?
is thw wn75 a currys rebranding of one of the others?
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I asked the same question on the Curry's thread, Wirral_guy was kind enough to reply:

From what I understand:

WV50 -basic model, large head only.
WV60 - as above but with large and small head, cleaning spray\microfibre bottle and sample wash concentrate
WV75 - as WV60 but in white (new model version?)
WV70 - as WV60 but with spare blades for both heads

so basically all the same model but with extra accessories as you go up the range.

Hope that helps.

I got the £50 one from Currys, personally think it's one of the best deals if not the best out there on these at the moment considering what you get with it...
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