KARMAMOI  (Italian Prog Rock)  -  2011/ 2016 Compilation  (Full Album)  - Free Download @ Bandcamp

KARMAMOI (Italian Prog Rock) - 2011/ 2016 Compilation (Full Album) - Free Download @ Bandcamp

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This will appeal to fans of Steven Wilson or Porcupine Tree (Next album is recorded with members of PT).KARMAMOI are absolutely brilliant Prog Rock Band From Italy - Just check out the 10 minute plus track "Silence Between Sounds & Nashira & Sirio " from their latest 2016 album "Silence Between Sound" which is included in this compilation.They have been nominated as releasing the best album on Prog Planet 2017 awards.See what you think - Merry Xmas

1.Sirio 06:03

2.If 04:14

3.Plato's Cave 08:39

4.Martes 06:46

5.Labyrinth 05:42

6.Vivo Desiderio 04:53

7.If I Think of the Sea 06:34

8.Silence Between Sounds & Nashira 10:46

"2011 - 2016 Compilation" is a collection of songs from

our studio albums. The compilation has the unique aim to put a mark on

what we did in these past years, on how our music and our sound were

been developed by our experience and creativity, taking new roads and

driving us on new music paths. We are aware it is just the beginning,

but, at the same time, we are aware that we are on the right way for

writing, recording and playing music we want to do. "2011 - 2016

Compilation" has the purpose to do a personal gift to all you. It is our

way to say "Thank You" for your interested in our music, for following

us side by side in this long walk. We want to say "Thank You" to all amazing musicians that have taken part at Karmamoi project, playing with love contributing to giving a shape to our music. We hope that this compilation will make you happy and

curious about our job. A new studio album is on the way and will be

released on 2018. Will be a blast. Enjoy the Music


Daniele Giovannoni and Alex Massari Featured:

Alessandro Cefalì, Fabio Tempesta, Sara Rinaldi, Serena Ciacci, Emilio

Merone, Luca Uggias, Maria Rodriguez Reina, Lara Bagnati, Irene Morelli,

Federico Procopio.
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