Karrimor X Lite Tent £40.00 + P&P @ Field & Trek

Karrimor X Lite Tent £40.00 + P&P @ Field & Trek

Found 24th Aug 2010
The Karrimor X Lite 300 Tent is part of the Karrimor lightweight Backpacking tent range. The tents are designed to give you the most space at a reduced weight, with the convenience of pitching all as one. Ideal for Scouts or Duke of Edinborough.
The Karrimor X Lite 300 Tent features:
>Max Headroom: 118cm
>Berth: 3 Person
>Width: 210cm
>Length: 312cm
>Pack size: 42x17cm
>Weight: 2.52kg
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Exactly why Karrimor's name is now mud - sticking the logo on any old tat.

No details on Hydrostatic Head or if it's fire retardent - not voted either way as the only way to see if it's any good is to buy one.

I know this is smaller but it's likely to be a darn sight better - minimum HH (UK summer camping) but cheaper as well


Edited by: "MINCER" 25th Aug 2010
No hydrostatic-head data...... uh, this is crucial guys! My advice is avoid this tent. There are plenty of bargains on this size tent at the moment from reputable manufacturers.
Nip into Millets, they have better tents than this for similar prices.
Having bought a tent 2 months ago, I was amazed at how many companies think data like HH is irrelevant but a choice of colours for example is. I don't care if it has a pitch time of 5 minutes if it doesn't keep me dry!
do your research people, this tent is sold by Field and Treck the HH is 4000 better than most
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