Karting Stickers - SAE required
Karting Stickers - SAE required

Karting Stickers - SAE required

This maybe in the wrong place, so accept my apologies

Back by popular demand.

New, improved, and better than ever, be sure to get your set of stickers now!

Want to make your fellow competitors envious?

If so, forget about spending thousands of pounds on buying the latest chassis and the fastest engine, forget about even spending hundreds of pounds. For the price of a postage stamp you could soon be in possession of some full colour UK Karting stickers and visor strips. The kart stickers add colour and interest to you kart, while the visor stickers aren't just intended to look good, they actually serve a number of purposes... from the practical - giving better sun shielding, to the beneficial - helping to keep you focused when you're racing.

To acquire these sought-after stickers for your kart and helmet visor, simply send us a self-addressed envelope, A4 size (324mm x 229mm) with adequate postage stamp(s) attached for a Large Letter - i.e. 44p for First Class, 37p for Second Class. (UK residents only).

*** Postage Prices Have Changed! ***

From 21st August 2006 the price for sending A4 sized envelopes within the UK was increased by Royal Mail. Please ensure that when including your stamped, self-addressed A4 envelope for your stickers, that you add the correct postage amount. This means a minimum of 37p postage for 2nd class mail.

To save on postage when sending your envelope to us, you can fold it so that it fits into a smaller sized envelope, but remember we are unable to fold the A4 envelope when returning it to you so that your stickers arrive undamaged. If you do not add adequate postage then you may be required to collect the stickers from a Royal Mail sorting office and pay excess postage and charges, so please ensure the correct value in stamps are added.

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Yet you had a go the other day for me posting something that required stamps in freebie?
How is this different?

Together with 4 first class stamps to cover the p & p to :
so not entirely free http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_mad.gifhttp://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_mad.gif

So is stamps different to a SAE?
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