Kask Vertigo professional Cycling Helmet normally £165, now just £58.74 delivered using code VERTIGO @ Cycle Surgery

Kask Vertigo professional Cycling Helmet normally £165, now just £58.74 delivered using code VERTIGO @ Cycle Surgery

Found 29th Dec 2015
OK so these helmets are normally used by professional cyclists, including Team Sky.

Normally too expensive for Tommy tight*ss, but if you add the code VERTIGO you can have a whopping discount of £65 from
the already discounted price of £123.74 at cyclesurgery.com.

The code is for trading in your old helmet, and they will ask to email a picture of your old helmet. But the good news is you don't have to return it, so happy days...

Be quick, these will NOT last long.
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Any old helmet picture does the trick, I know many friends who have ordered this in the past and never been asked to actually send in the old helmet, just an email picture - not hard to find one
Wow, I just bought a new helmet a month ago but I'm tempted by this.
now i don't need a new helmet but what makes this one so good....and why do I need one????
No good for NI as there is a £15 postage charge sod that
Already have a Kask. Great helmets. This is an absolute bargain. Thanks OP.
Great price, ordered!
Great price, hope it's honoured...
Just ordered thanks a lot op. Been looking for a new helmet for a while.
Poss 5.05% cash back from top cash back as well.
Any idea on sizing? I'm 59cm but it doesn't list Kask in the sizing guide.
And says choose carefully as legally helmets can't be returned...?!
On the size guide next to where you select the helmet size on the pc, it shows the large as being 59 - 62 cm. (23 3/8 - 24 1/2 inches) That's for the Vertigo, Monitor & K50 evo helmets.
Mojito even not monitor.
Cheers! On my mobile, can't see it...
Took a punt on large as it's the only size available in the vertigo.
Guess I'll have to chuck it on eBay if it doesn't fit snugly. Fingers crossed!!
missed it :-(
Too late. Offer not available anymore
worked for me. excellent deal. not sure I needed a new one but couldn't resist at this price..
worked for me to ! thanks heat added
This still works, should not be expired !
Not working for me!!! Any help from those who made it work? I've tried 4 times now???
I ordered black

and vertigo in lower case

don't think I did anything else
No, tried again and it's not working!!
not working here either
I just called the company and asked and they said it ended a few weeks ago. Everyone who ordered today will receive a cancellation email and won't receive a helmet. Why is their website still showing this deal?? Muppets.
I got my cancellation email due to expired code just now! Why did it still apply the code if it had expired then?
A tad gutted but worth the try anyway.
Me too

My item got cancelled given refund ....What a bunch of ***** Update your website if the offer is over

Very disappointed
Just received an email cancelling my order - expired code - that they are still advertising on their website!!
Sent a reply saying I expect better from a reputable company & that I'm far from impressed.
To all those who have been Stiffed by Cycle Surgery have just found this on another site. Slightly more but good reviews and no "expired" voucher codes needed to be used

Mine cancelled too . Sent a reply back asking why they are still advertising the offer on the website!!
Does anyone know, when this code/amnesty was first available?
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