Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 (3 User Licenses) £12.99 @play.com
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 (3 User Licenses)  £12.99 @play.com

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 (3 User Licenses) £12.99 @play.com

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One years protection for three users

Kaspersky's award-winning Anti-Virus technology provides the essential tools needed to protect your PC. It delivers high detection rates and low response times to new and emerging threats. Automatic updates are combined with unique technology for unobtrusive real-time protection. Kaspersky prevents photos, music, files being ruined by hackers, and gives elemental identity protection. Adding to this Email, Instant Messaging, Anti-Phishing and protection against entering malicious websites makes Kaspersky Anti-Virus and excellent entry level security choice.


Always wanted to be the first in post to say "If you are a Barclays customer...."

not that hot really, can get the internet security package around same price if you wait a while

why is this cheaper then the single user licence?

The Works had the Internet Security 3 license for 7.99 recently. Might be worth a visit? Yes it was the 2009 version - but, as all kaspersky users will know, you are entitled to the free 2010 update.

Does anyomne know if the 2009 version will be eligible for an upgrade to the 2011 version when it's released?
I haven't installed it on my pc yet just in case.


Can't beat NOD 32. Very reasonably priced too if you look in the right places.


Can't beat NOD 32. Very reasonably priced too if you look in the right … Can't beat NOD 32. Very reasonably priced too if you look in the right places.

+1 for NOD 32 - Never looked back.


Anyone else think that K 2009 was better then K 2010? I just upgraded yesterday and everytime i visit a website it pops up. Also it slowed my computer down yesterday. Maybe i just have to get used to it?

Is it that time of the week again ?
Doesn't seem but a few days since the last Kaspersky posting

oh hum ... ultra cold again. Better for cheaper / free etc etc

Voted cold because you can get Kaspersky Internet Security for almost the same price. Sorry mate

vale of clwyd;8457604

Always wanted to be the first in post to say "If you are a Barclays … Always wanted to be the first in post to say "If you are a Barclays customer...."

LOL! My very same ambition :thumbsup:

Kaspersky has lost the plot I started using Kaspersky 4 years ago when it was very good and Norton was rubbish due to the slow loading and bogging down of the running of the computer. Now what goes around etc. I bought Norton internet from PCW £23 and the spam checker is 100% so far in over a week and found problems Kaspersky did not. The features in Norton are amazing, it fills in forms, checks sites, give a weekly update of all problems solved and much more and what is more I do not know it is running. Problems with Kaspersky are solved though email in them and after a week or more they eventualy respond with sorry for the delay due to xxxxxxxxxx. Holidays etc.), I paid £23 for the copy and will do so next year and this is a three user edition. Well recommended it's a lot better than I thought it could be.

This is a pretty good deal for a three user license, well worth a hot vote. Can't imagine what problems you have with Kaspersky Lesmonday, I have it running on an Acer netbook and it does the business nice and unobtrusively. If you need weekly updates on problems solved maybe you should get out more!


Avira is better and free: http://www.freeav.comComparison of antivirus … Avira is better and free: http://www.freeav.comComparison of antivirus programs: http://www.av-comparatives.org/comparativesreviews/main-testsHow to disable adverts in free Avira: http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-the-Popup-Ads-in-Avira-Antivir

Thanks for this. Avira did very well in the comparitive tests, and I am especially interested that it got a gold rating in the low system performance test, as I run a nettop with an Atom processor and 2GB RAM so don't want security software using all my resources. I will download it now...

top AV software been using Kaspersky Internet Security for the last few years - loving the Virtual Keyboard in the web browser to counteract keyloggers when online banking etc (tied in with Rapport). Never had any problems or PC running slow with Kaspersky unlike McAfee etc.

Reading this is like Groundhog Day - Barclays Blah Blah, The Works, AVG rubbish, Why pay, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

I have Kaspersky ant-virus and love it. Great deal, well done Op - Heat to you. : )

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Another vote here for Kaspersky who have got their act together again in 2010 following a bit of a wobble in 2009.

I use some of the free ones on the kids pcs, and they are not very good.

There's a few doubters but this will go high temp because it is a hot deal, and I left Barclays years ago because they were rubbish and don't want to go back.

AV FanBoys make me LOL !

nooo my antivirus product is bettarr

norton sucks !

AVG rocks !

get Microsoft Security Essentials !


try what you like. if it doesn't work, try/buy something else!

Luckily im a barclays customer. Its just like any other av software imo. I did a custom install and removed all but the bare essentials for install. I have a p4 3.00ghz, 1gb ram running w7 so didnt want to clog up any power. its pretty good as far as being frugal on resources, but it gets on my nerves with annoying alerts at the bottom when you turn it off, and do you want to trust this or that gets tiring. I only need an av scanner function really as tbh I just dont seem to get any viruses. I know how to browse and what to download so viruses are very rare for these days. Lets face it, the majority of viruses come from naughty P sites, but you can get all that stuff these days through a plethora of safe free flash based video sites. AV isnt as essential as it once was.

whats the point getting an antivirus by itself.......might as well get the whole internet security.

3 user kaspersky internet security 2010 at Amazon for £18. Look around/wait and will save a few quid on that.


Doh, shame this is expired, mine runs out in a few days! Anyone know of a better deal than the Amazon one please please please post! :-)

Thank you!

Just realised the Amazon one is for the "Internet Security" not just Anti Virus!
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