Kaspersky Pure,, 3 User, 1 Year license@ Amazon marketplace (pc-software) @ £19.99 + £3.29 delivery

Kaspersky Pure,, 3 User, 1 Year [email protected] Amazon marketplace (pc-software) @ £19.99 + £3.29 delivery

Found 22nd Jun 2011
Technical Details
The most comprehensive digital safeguard for your family or home office
Leading edge Anti-Virus and Internet Protection
You and your family are safe from online predators
Keeps your money and identify safe
Real time protection against new malware threats
Keep your PC running smoothly and protect your PC and files from damage and loss
Kaspersky Internet Security makes it easy to protect yourself
Back-up and Secure your valuable and sensitive information
Automatic Password Management
Secure work environment for home workers


Made my computer incredibly slow.
Keeps doing something called "Rootkit Check" - Can't stop it.
Wouldn't touch with a bargepole! Cold

A rootkit is an advanced way to hide a program from being visible and allow free access to password etc using sophisticated methods.

But pure is an old version of the virus scanner etc. So voting cold.


This gets posted almost weekly at £13.99 to £14.99 price so I'm afraid this weeks offering is cold.

It's interesting to see how, on the assumption a quid isn't a deal breaker, that the temps range from -34 to +321 for the same product at the same price.

Ladies, can you explain................

got this at 13.99 from play (its currently 17.99) so cold I'm afraid

but was yours a 3 license

I tried Kaspersky for free because I bank with Barclays but must confirm what torreta says: it slow my computer dramatically. I now run the latest Avast with Windows 7 Firewall Control and I hadly notice any change in speed. Not voting but wouldn't use Kaspersky again.


but was yours a 3 license

yes - was a 3 license
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