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Kaspersky Internet Security - Spring Sale 50% Off -1 device £17.49 at Kaspersky UK
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Kaspersky Internet Security - Spring Sale 50% Off -1 device £17.49 at Kaspersky UK£17.49 Free P&P Free
Stay safe – whatever you do at work & at home Whatever you do online – on your PC, Mac & Android devices – our advanced, one-licence security suite helps protect you from … Read more

Paid about 8 or 9 quid couple of months ago for 5 devices on ebay. Big Cold from me


You are so lucky to have a nice decent trustworthy bloke contact you and offer his professional advice and help. Its so reassuring that this gentleman is gonna sort your computer problems and only ask for a small donation to his mums rehabilitation fund using your credit card details. How reassuring is it that hes gonna only take 5 uk pounds and then delete your card details ! Im amazed that there are still people in this world that still exist. God bless them. Can you please forward me his details as i also have a problem with my computer and would love this trustworthy gentleman to help me


A few years back nod was king, then before that it was Sophos (especially in a sever / client environment) and long long ago it was mcafee.. Norton has always been a joke..


Because they don't know what they are talking about? Most security bods rate it highly...


Because Vladimir Putin checks every email himself if he is bored (y) XD :D

50 % off of everything and 50% cash back on quidco - secure connection which is now £24.99
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
50 % off of everything and 50% cash back on quidco - secure connection which is now £24.99£24.99
On all products including secure connection which is 49.99 now 24.99 and after quidco cash back it's 12.49. Grab it before it's gone.
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I have cancelled auto renewal many times online. Never had issues with speed. Been using it for many years.


Welcome to our new SMS text anti-phishing tool! Now there’s no need to worry about following links in text messages – if it’s malicious, Kaspersky Internet Security will alert you and block it! Activate the functionality from the quick launch panel.


Bought my last Kaspersky on Amazon 3 computers for 2 years cost me £19.99


Op how did you get 50℅off? Max i can see is 30 pc. Do you have a voucher code


lol, its a brand new powerful gaming PC

1 Year Kaspersky VPN for 5 users £24.99 @ Kaspersky UK (Potential £24.99 Cashback)
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
1 Year Kaspersky VPN for 5 users £24.99 @ Kaspersky UK (Potential £24.99 Cashback)£24.99
1 year VPN for £49.99 discounted by 50% using code yay50 bringing it down to £24.99. Using the Topcashback link you’ll get £24.99 cash back so a years free vpn.


It's a Russian scam.


It’s a free vpn for 12months 😳


Good enough for Barclays, good enough for me. 🎣


Not everyone but some do, mostly who read 1 newspaper and watche 1 TV channel.

Kaspersky internet security £13.50 for 12 months’ protection - Exclusive Student Offer
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Posted 16th Sep 2019Posted 16th Sep 2019
Kaspersky internet security £13.50 for 12 months’ protection - Exclusive Student Offer£13.50
Deal for students, but does not ask for student verification: .ac.uk email etc when signing up. I signed up with my G mail. There is currently another offer on Kaspersky site wher… Read more
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Ok thank you I am going to consider that. :)


macOS is based on UNIX and is inherently more secure than Windows of old, although more recently the latest Windows 10 OS builds have done a lot to close the gap. Many still believe that macOS is secure enough without anti-virus, although there is certainly malware that targets macOS, so personally I wouldn't take the risk. Considering the minimal cost, it makes sense, or there are free AV tools for macOS too..


I started to use macOS so I don't care about it to be honest. Should I?


I use Windows defender and only had one issue which was recently (and also my fault) downloading game cube games and ended up downloading a bloatware programme by accident. Programme is gone but some files do exist. Took me hours to get rid of it as no matter what permissions I changed I still wasn't allowed to uninstall it. If you basically use the net for YouTube and just googling then you don't need any anti virus software as defender is up to the job


A lot of people assume teachers are male ;)

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
Kaspersky Antivirus Free
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Posted 15th May 2019Posted 15th May 2019
Kaspersky Antivirus FreeFREE£0.01
I just thought I'll post this as someone has posted the Kaspersky Total security.



I'm sure its anonymous, KSN is for researching new files so it sends it over the cloud so they can investigate it.


You got it wrong. Kaspersky relies on the home users data. This is "Free" not because they are nice to you and don't need your money but, just like with Google products or social media, because you are NOT THE CUSTOMER for them. You're a resource for mining data. A lot of people just blindly click accept in the agreements when they install software and porbably haven't noticed that Kaspersky free is also a data gathering tool for 3rd parties. If you accept one of those agreements regarding the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) you're giving permitions to collect stats about your system, usage, installed software, websites visited and so on. Of course other free software also do that and I'm not saying it's a bad product or it shouldn't be used but just don't be naive and believe they are really nice guys that just like to give stuff away for free. Kaspersky is a BUSINESS just like Microsoft or Google but users rarely actually know what's the actual business about (i.e. how they make money) and who the real customers are.


Yep I have and it was all a waste of time. A scam in some cases. It was pure hype and nothing happened so all the hard work and preparations were for nothing. Theres dodgy codes out there all the time but the was no Y2K bug.


Have you not thought though that perhaps it is because of the hard work and preparations that occurred when we rolled over from 1999 to 2000 that nothing went wrong?. There was plenty of dodgy code out there that was fixed, I saw it first hand. :)

70% off for Total Security, might work for other Kaspersky products
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Posted 26th Jan 2019Posted 26th Jan 2019
70% off for Total Security, might work for other Kaspersky products
I had an e-mail as my licence was up for renewal, offering 70% off for this weekend. I used it on Total Security for 3 devices so it cost me £15. Not as cheap as the Ryman deal but… Read more

Mine expired today 70% off worked for me. Thanks


Avg, avira, panda cloud, Kaspersky free, ms security essentials, Windows 10 defender, and many more AV programs have freeware versions with more or less the same level of protection as their paid counterparts


Very often on Amazon KTS 10 devices is for £16-18. Check frequently or add to your wish list so you will start receiving emails with deals. Also if save70 does not work thry save50. I just tested it for 3 devices and price was reduced to £24.99 But if you can wait check Amazon. At the moment they have KTS 3 devices for £18.48, 5 devices for £21.98 and 10 devices for £26.96.


Barclays used to give this brands software away to current account customers & they cancelled the offer as soon as the election hacking & spy poisoning stories started circulating. Not sure I'd trust this with full access to my network..


Ya good point. Although I have seen AVG offer a free virus protection.