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40% discount on Kaspersky Total Security
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Kaspersky Total Security helps protect your family – when they surf, shop, socialise or stream. Plus, extra privacy protection securely stores their passwords & key documents… … Read more

Not experienced any slowdown with bit defender no worse or better than Kaspersky for me. If Barclays hadn't dropped it I would probably still be using Kaspersky and switching VPN.


Ok, no issue on my with vpn. 2 out of 5 i see that defender slower on start, update and respond, soon it react it brings performance down. Gchq - marketing and political issue, nothing more as most of programs and apps do "watch" you.




I seem to recall Eugene Kaspersky is ex-KGB and a mate of Putin's - in which case, your machine may well end up being a part of a Russian botnet. And I'm not joking.......


Less false positives and works well with pia VPN software. Kaspersky seemed to have an issue with pia VPN and would break my internet connection needing a reboot to get back online. Since switching to bit defender had no issues. I was a long time user of Kaspersky but Barclays dropping it, GCHQ warnings and the VPN issue made me switch.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus for all devices from Kaspersky
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Just a reminder, includes a poison sample.

Before installing: After installing:


Personally endorsed by Vladimir Putin (angel)


Putin did you say (shock) (shock) (shock)


Great AV, firewall one of the best also (internet security version)


Yep. They have said they aren't offering it to their customers anymore but I have used it for years and like it.

Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus (Windows)
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017

Where's Edward Snowden when you need him, i'm sure he'l tell us what to do and choose! And to be honest, I'd rather have my details in Russian hands as they have no Jurisdiction on me, rather than American NSA/ Englands' hands who'l just end up shafting me LMAO!! 8) .... if i was a criminal that is!!


Has anybody ever got a virus on Linux? Not hearsay, just your own experience.


Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not after you.


Newsflash: The Russian operative responsible has now been identified.


Hah... Putin will access porn on my PC? :)) I have nothing to hide from Russians:) What about Government with CCTV and ANPR cameras?! Our phones Google for example... they track us every second... locations, contacts everything sent to US servers...

Kaspersky Free Antivirus now available in Kaspersky UK
Found 9th Oct 2017Found 9th Oct 2017
Kaspersky Free is now available in the UK. Kaspersky's anti-virus products are rated high in many independent lab tests e.g. https://www.av-test.org/en/award/2016/ It provides s… Read more

Blue Steel 309 IH8OBAMA Nov 9, 2017 3:11 PMIt couldn't be any more blatantly obvious that the US gov is waging a propaganda war against Kaspersky precisely because it is the only company that they don't have a backdoor to. I will never use anything else BUT Kaspersky.


I don't seem to be able to directly reply to people anymore. People might find it interesting. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-09/wikileaks-publishes-cia-hacking-tool-designed-impersonate-russias-kaspersky-lab


Kapersky are taking steps to reassure people that they are trustworthy https://www.siliconrepublic.com/enterprise/kaspersky-lab-transparency-measures They've also offered an explanation of the NSA incident, details and analysis here and here


Anti old America posts allowed yet anti modern America/pro modern Russia posts sent to the thought police and deleted rather than published, how bizarre :/


Lol. Folks backing off because Kaspersky is from Russia? Which country has killed the most people in foreign countries since WorldWar 2? AMERICA!

Kaspersky Antivirus Free
Found 28th Jul 2017Found 28th Jul 2017
Kaspersky Antivirus Free is not available in the UK until September or October, but can be downloaded now from the US website. I have just downloaded and installed, and all was fin… Read more
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Probally better than sending it to Microsoft ;)


Nothing is free ACTUALLY . Try it 😁


cool thanks




I know what he said and didn't twist his words, I left his quote word for word intact. Are you seriously suggesting that only Windows XP is affected by ransomware because if you are then you're out your depth commenting on the subject already? I don't even know why you're mentioning Kaspersky and jingoistic Americans. My comment was solely rebuking the claim that anti viruses were no longer much use since the advent of Windows 10 which is utter nonsense since infecting a Windows 10 PC with no protection is infinitely easier than infecting a Windows XP machine with up to date anti-malware software installed.

Kapersky half price bank holiday offer - £12.49
Found 28th Apr 2017Found 28th Apr 2017
Get 50% Off Kaspersky Internet Security this Bank Holiday Weekend

​i bank with Barclays and had it free. got stuck if having to constant download updates as it wouldn't do it automatically - apparently not unusual with Windows 10.


cold for this reason https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kaspersky-Security-Devices-Retail-Android-x/dp/B01LEIGIKW/


Free if you bank online with Barclays, and the Kaspersky Total Security was only £6 the last time I checked.


Cold! Much cheaper on ebay...


£12.49 is only Anti-Virus 2017, Internet Security 2017 is from £17.49 for 1 Device 1 Year

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Kaspersky Total Security - Multi-Device 2016 £3.99 - £3.59 W/Code
Found 7th Jun 2016Found 7th Jun 2016
Use Email10 as code for 10% off. So £3.59 for a years protection on 5 devices. Link may not work for some, so use this: https://activation.kaspersky.com/en/barclays_protection … Read more
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Yes. All the activation system does is check a particular serial number is valid and hasn't exceeded it's activation limit. HTH ;)


Can a spare license be used for a family member in their own name?


jasee - nonsese? Google free avg steal data - facts. Google av comparitives and read reports, and false positives. Do not stick with one av supplier, especially free ones, unless you keep your eye ont he detection stats - too many companies bought norton, it actually DECREASED protection compared to out of the box. But, these are facts - you dont do facts do you.


Pointless retort, just like this one.


Yes, be sure to get the most fashionable ;) Such nonsense. BTW how do you prove a negative?

FREE Kaspersky Internet Security for Barclays Personal Customers. Also available: Kaspersky Safe Kids Total Security £2.99 (was £69.99)
Found 28th Mar 2016Found 28th Mar 2016
I understand that this is not a new deal, as it had been posted before. However, as my Kaspersky is running out in 2 weeks time, I received an email today reminding me to renew it… Read more
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just as I was reading your message I got a flash up thing saying Kaspersky has expired! I had the same thing last time I went through Barclays, if you go in the bank they don't know what you are talking about!


Mine full key came through after 10 days, but your in your 30 day trial anyway so your still protected from install.


Barclays/Kaspersky make you wait ages before sending an validation email, had exactly the same trouble last year! No idea why it isn't instant once you re-register details.


Yes it's possible. I installed it on 3 devices in my household, and one for my dad - just copy the code


Hi, can someone tell if the two devices have to belong to the same "house"? As i would like to install the second copy on my nephews laptop. Is that possible?

Kaspersky Total Security 2016 - Multi Device (5 Users) £6.99 @ Kaspersky
Found 20th Mar 2016Found 20th Mar 2016
Available to all customers, no Barclay's account required! Use the code renew5 to get it for £1.99 - thanks to joostme - zedlor £6.29 with Code: EMAIL10 - thanks chazdeal! (use t… Read more

Thank you so much for this :)


If you have a Barclay's account or know someone with a Barclay's account, you can still pick this up for the same price, but you can no longer get it without an account because the website asks for your Barclay's membership ID. Or you could wait for Black Friday and see if it goes on sale on Amazon or PC World. In the meantime, Kaspersky have released a free version of their antivirus with no extras (like parental control, safe money), just the basic antivirus capability and realtime protection. That should tide you over until you get another deal or find a Barclay's customer. http://free.kaspersky.com/uk


Nothing similar? ??


Any similar deal ..except barclays??


Current version ( b) is demanding a complete reboot every few days - really hacking me off. Has anyone found a decent workround to this, apart from downgrading to the previous version? There's supposed to be a patch coming at the end of the month, but I'm not convinced - it was promised last month as well, and I've also seen suggestions that this will continue until the 2017 version's released much later this year.

Kaspersky 50% off for next 3 days
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
There’s only 3 days left to SAVE 50% when you buy any Kaspersky home product, PLUS when you buy Kaspersky Total Security – Multi Device you get a FREE photobook worth £15.99†.
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https://store.kaspersky.co.uk/store?Action=DisplayPage&Env=BASE&Locale=en_GB&SiteID=kasperuk&affiliate=gb_fb-kts_offer&cid=gb_fb-kts_offer&id=ThreePgCheckoutAddressPaymentInfoPage much better than 50% off :)


Don't bother with this; search the forum for the £8.99 deal.

Kaspersky Total Security - multi device - 3 users 1 year - £8.99 ( reduced from £29.99)
Found 24th Nov 2015Found 24th Nov 2015
A box should appear taking off another £1 from the £9.99 offer price. Make sure you switch off the autorenewal service. It's quite well hidden in the text
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Even better still!! Couldn't get the £1 off hovering to work but using the code SAVE5 givers a further £5 off so it ends up as just £4.99!!


cheers op! Just what i was looking for!


stupid question but does this contain anti virus. I know it says 'complete' but just wanted to be sure. I purchased it earlier today but on the screen that shows your protected it doesnt say anything about anti virus. again sorry if its really obvious


worked for me just now


Just what I was looking for, thanks OP. And for those who couldn't get the pop up box to get the additional 10% off try 'EMAIL10' which worked for me

Kaspersky Total Security 3 user £9.99
Found 10th Oct 2015Found 10th Oct 2015
Kaspersky Total Security protects PC's, Mobiles, Tablets and Mac's. It is available on their website for 3 users for 1 year at £9.99. That's a good deal considering I paid a lot mo… Read more

if you got a barclays bank account then you can get this free ,


got this for £8.99 (£9.99+10% off on web) +20% TCB. Thanks OP.


Your weilcome!


this link now works thanks OP :)


This offer is still working for the same price and deal. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/kaspersky-total-internet-security-multi-device-3-user-1-year-9-99-2259821

3 User Licence for Kaspersky - Barclays Customers only
Found 24th Aug 2015Found 24th Aug 2015
Hello, I thought I might give anyone a reminder that if you are a Barclays Customer. You can have FREE FULL 3 user licence for Kaspersky Software. I am fed up of the AVG with… Read more

Normal Barclays Bank customer. Don't know about barclaycard. You have to sign up for their internet banking to get this.


Kaspersky Protected LOL


Is this for Barclaycard customers or just bank customers?


Not really free as you need to be with the "award" winning bank, award winning for the wrong reasons, in this day and age where there is so much competition for banks please don't use this as an excuse for staying with them.


according to former employees........bitter?

Kaspersky Total Internet Security Multi Device 3 user 1 year £9.99
Found 7th Aug 2015Found 7th Aug 2015
This popped up on my Facebook newsfeed this morning. Pretty good offer I think. Kaspersky has been in the top 3 anti-virus/internet security products for the last 4 years that I've… Read more
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Just picked it up for £8.99, thanks OP


​I bought it 2 months ago and only installed it a month ago as long as you don't register the key it will start once installed


Really clearly put - thanks


Thank you; bought. This does come up at great prices from time to time (also KIS for 5 machines). We've been using KIS on several Windows/Android machines for 2 years without problems.


i got the discount to 8.99. what i did was take no notice of it for a while and carry on browsing in other tabs, then wen i came back to it and hovered over other tabs the discount appeared :)

Kaspersky internet security renewal 5 devices FOR 3 YEARS only £59.99 @ Kaspersky.co.uk
Found 10th May 2015Found 10th May 2015
Not sure if this is a fault because 5 for 2 years is £79. Its tricky to get this price. First you have to add the internet renewal to the basket (uncheck auto renew first) Go to … Read more
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My Kaspersky is due for renewal today ....... I cant get this to work (it wont offer me more than 2 years). What I can get however (through the offer in my installed Kapersky) is: 10 Devices - Total Security (Multidevice) for £62.99. Works out cheaper per device per year (& its multidevice) but only need the 5 device deal..... oO


http://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php?chart=chart2&year=2015&month=3&sort=0&zoom=2 might Change your mind about avg


Microsoft security essential and AVG.


Comment I have a barclays credit card am i included in this?


Also been using Avast for years. Free and updates every day. Never, ever had a virus (touching wood) so far.

50% off all Kaspersky Products!!! (UK ONLY)
Found 23rd Jan 2015Found 23rd Jan 2015
been around for a while, royal mail's promotion gives you 50% off all products. Now i tried this and "get deal" buttton sometimes doesn't work. If that happens type this URL in: ht… Read more

is there a discount code too?


yes yearly for free and 3 PC it covers.


Does Barclays let you renew it yearly for free and can it be used on more than 1 computer?


You can open an account at Barclays for 1 quid. Cheaper than any of the deals they will have. Cold.


Comment Enlighten us: what if you are not with Barclays?

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 - 5 User - Licence Renewal - £19.99
Found 14th Jan 2015Found 14th Jan 2015
Useful if you don't have, or won't have a Barclays account. Through your existing Kaspersky Software licence renewal section, or on the Kaspersky website - http://www.kaspersky.co… Read more

Thanks didn't know that :)


Discount codes did work for me but the original price was 49.99 so, still needed up as £39.99, so instead found 5 user for £25.91 at MMOGA and no auto renewal.


It starts chucking renewal alerts at you every time you login to your computer from about about two weeks left to go.


It looks like buying from Kaspersky directly authorises them to perform auto-renewal in 12 months time, for that reason alone i'd rather buy the physical disc as they'd charge full price in 12 months time unless I remembered to cancel in time!


Often wondered about the eBay folk selling codes. Being it with or without discs. ive been stitched up before so my caution is somewhat tainted with paranoia!

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security 50% OFF £24.99 plus 2 x Guardians of the Galaxy Tickets –
Found 2nd Sep 2014Found 2nd Sep 2014
I think is a good offer if you buy antivirus..

ms security essentials is free. why would you pay for this


Unless I'm missing something, it says 30% off and is £34.99


good hot but NIS is the best in corp environments . for home its a good deal


Hsbc customers get Mcafee


if Barclay's customer you get this free FYI, as just renewed mines through online banking ;-D

50% off Kaspersky Products - Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 from £19.99
Found 30th Jun 2014Found 30th Jun 2014
While looking for a new Anti-virus i came across a royal mail discount page on the Kaspersky website offering 50% off. Here's a list of all the prices for a 1 year license: Kaspe… Read more
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Free on TPB for all of......ohhh.....2 days before Kaspersky realise and blacklist them all lol.


How safe is pirated, hacked antivirus? I'm sure you won't get malignant updates from kaspersky when they realise.


Plenty of decent free alternatives available out there.


Might want to learn to read comments already posted, already mention hour or so before you. Was the first reply on here, only 4 replies before you so not an excuse of having to read through pages of replies.


Good ol free with barclays matey

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014  3 Pc Download £24.99 @ Kaspersky UK
Found 22nd Jun 2014Found 22nd Jun 2014
Internet Security 2014 3Pcs / Multi Device Android Mac & PC 3 devices £24.99 & Total Security for 3 PCs £24.99 Download from Kaspersky Site

Can get the 5 licence pack off ebay for £26.99 best time to buy is August just before the new version come out. nb 2014 can be used with 2015 / 2016 versions, just download from the website & install with the 2014 key.


OK. It's Free from a bank with a not so good customer service! :p


Just a million more times before people get the fact it's free for Barclays customers.


Free for Barclays customers, yeah! Paid by overdraft/credit card interest... near 0% credit interest on your savings or lack of decent customer service.


No such thing as a free lunch