Kathy Rain (Point and Click Game) 99p @ Google Play / Apple App Store

Kathy Rain (Point and Click Game) 99p @ Google Play / Apple App Store

Posted 10th Oct
A good game at a nice price for both android and iOS devices.

Gets Good Reviews

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Kathy Rain is a beautiful and nostalgic homage to the classic point-and-click adventure genre of games, built seamlessly for your touchscreen device. Search for clues and solve puzzles in a compelling small-town drama set in the mid-1990’s.

After learning of her grandfather’s untimely passing, Kathy Rain, a strong-willed journalism student, returns to her hometown for the first time in many years to pay her respects — but things are not what they seem. An air of mystery surrounds the circumstances of Joseph Rain’s death, involving unsolved investigations and disturbing behavior from the locals, driving Kathy to vow to uncover the truth for her widowed grandmother.

As she follows a trail of clues he left behind, questions emerge… What was Joseph Rain really looking for that night all those years ago? What turned him into a mere shell of a man, confined to a wheelchair? What secret did a suicidal young artist take with her to the grave, and why are so many people in Conwell Springs going mad? Armed with her motorcycle, a pack of smokes, and her sharp wit, Kathy soon discovers that the truth is more dark and sinister than she ever imagined…


An homage to timeless point-and-click adventure games, with beautiful hand-drawn pixel art design, complete with classic 4:3 resolution.

Use your keen intuition to discover clues, piece together evidence, and connect the dots in a mysteriously compelling narrative set in a small-town backdrop in the mid 90’s.

Immerse yourself in a sublime original music score and over 4,000 lines of English dialogue, voice directed by Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Games.

Hope it helps someone.
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"point and click" surely?

Great game
Illusionary10/10/2019 01:24

"point and click" surely? :pGreat game

Haha blame it on the time of the night, eh
I played through this game a few months ago and really enjoyed it. It's a good deal at this price!
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