KCC Red Electric Guitar, Amp, Bag and more... ONLY £46.33 with Google Checkout!!

KCC Red Electric Guitar, Amp, Bag and more... ONLY £46.33 with Google Checkout!!

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Found 26th May 2007
Rock 'N' Roll with this high quality KCC electric guitar kit.

This is an absolutely awesome deal for £40 with Google Checkout!

Have you always wanted to play the guitar but never got round to it? Well now is the perfect opportunity to get on your way. This is the ultimate complete electric guitar package that will take you from playing air guitar to the real thing in minutes.

Ebuyer have teamed up with leading musical instrument manufacturers to produce our own range of outstanding value musical instruments. By selecting the very best suppliers we are confident that you will not find a better value for money product anywhere.


Body: Solid Wood or Solid Alder
Neck: One Piece Hard Maple
Fingerboard: Maple Wood
Scale Length: 25-1/2 (648mm)
Frets: 22
Pick Ups: 3 Single Coils
Controls: 1 Volume, 2 Tone, 5 Position Lever Switch
Colour: Red

Accessories :

Spare Strings
Pitch Pipe
Guitar Lead
10W Amplifier


These are great value for money and at this sort of price an absolute steal. If you've got kids with an interest in music or you're just a frustrated guitar hero, go get one and have some fun:thumbsup:

Its showing as £49.99? how do I get this for £40?

Even with the cheapest postage its showing at £46.68

£46.33 with shipping but still a very good deal.

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more info on google checkout here...


Aria and Saverstore also have it. Well worth a look as £10 off £30 is 33% off! Hooray for GCSE maths ;-)

If anyone is getting this and loooking to start playing guitar i would also recommend purchasing this:


Nothing worse than a horrible out of tune guitar to put you off playing it

There's several threads on Google Checkout elsewhere Deal_Hunter_Ged - loads of stores have it.

I changed the price to £46.33 - please make sure to put final prices (i..e after VAT/shipping etc) in your deal

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oops. sorry about delivery charges. only reiterated google checkout for other companies like ebuyer as alternatives for anyone after IT and electronics kit!

I bought my daughter this guitar kit for Christmas. It's fantastic value for money, she took the guitar into school and her music teacher was really impressed with the quality and ordered one for his own kids!

What a great find, this is seriously tempting!
[SIZE=2]Had a bit of a Google for "learning to play guitar" and found some free lesson sites too for getting started.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Voted hot anyway[/SIZE]

[COLOR="Navy"]Having missed out when this was "Deal of the Day" recently, I'm overjoyed to see it discounted again. I'm off to buy one now...and I'll get a tuner too (thanks for the recommendation, biff).[/COLOR]

No problem , i know from experience how frsutrating it can be trying to learn guitar and wodering why it sounds awful, only to discover its cos you are not in tune!
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