Keep Calm and Carry On doormat at Past Times (was £15) now £3.75 + £3.50 delivery

Keep Calm and Carry On doormat at Past Times (was £15) now £3.75 + £3.50 delivery

Found 19th Jan 2013
This has been further reduced down to £3.75.

Orders under £15.00 are subject to a £3.50 P&P fee, although there is free standard delivery at the moment if spending over £15.00 (code FREESHIP15, from Quidco, plus a whooping 16% cashback or SNOWEDIN from Past Times which gives free standard delivery or £1.45 express delivery)

I bought four (a little excessive, I know, but I'll give them as gifts!) for £15.00 delivered.

NB. the express delivery cannot guarantee next-day, due to the wintery weather
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The 'cold' army are out in force today! (_;)
Every bonehead in the country should have one of these......
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We need your support to overturn an unscrupulous trademark registration of the now iconic, British WW2 motivational poster -'KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON'

This very well known British phrase is now trademarked!
On the 25th March 2011, Business man Mark Coop of 'Keep Calm and Carry On LTD' registered an EU trademark of the very well known phrase "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" in an attempt to take ownership of the very British and now very famous, nostalgia invoking, wartime poster. He was refused the trademark in the UK so he sneakily turned to the European Union trademark office knowing that they would grant the application as they knew very little history about it. He also has a trademark pending in the United States & Canada.
The WW2 Keep Calm poster is now 74 years old and therefore outside of Crown copyright meaning that the design can now be freely used by anyone such as designers, card makers, poster makers...anyone. It has now become recognised as an icon to reflect the British spirit and 'stiff upper lip' attitude in the face of trouble and adversity. It belongs to the nation now, it should not be solely owned as a money making device for a greedy businessman.
Ordered thank you
Nice find OP, cheers!
Got a few goods deals, thanks for posting
Blimey! Back up to full price now oO
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