Keeping Up Appearances The Ultimate Collection only £

Keeping Up Appearances The Ultimate Collection only £[email protected]

Found 16th Dec 2009Made hot 17th Dec 2009 - £44.99 - £39.99 - £33.93 - £33.85 - £32.45

The lady of the house, Hyacinth Buckett has turned being a snob into an art form. Unfortunately her surname its pronounced Bouquet, dont you know - and her family, dont help. Her long - suffering husband, Richard, keeps his head down and does his best to live with her domineering ways. But Hyacinths a termined lady, with one mission in life - to impress.

So, come in and join them in the drawing room for a nice cup of Darjeeling - the bone chinas ready and waiting. But whatever you do, dont brush up against the walls; she hates people brushing up against her walls...


Total rubbish.

Voted hot for price


snoop dogg would love this deal, I'm sure it's hot for him!…es/ :thumbsup:

"Bucket residence, lady of the house speaking!"

I still say this to those overseas sales callers!:thumbsup:

Good price, quite possibly the worst 'light entertainment' programme ever made! :-D

Am I the only one who actually liked Keeping Up Appearances?

Original Poster

I liked it, always made me laugh lol

I can think of better things to spend 27 of hard earned GBP on!!!

But it's a good deal if you liked the show.

I liked the idea/concept of her character and she played it very well but the supporting cast and scripts made the whole thing pretty brutal watching tbh

Good for my mum

This is really funny, used to watch this after I used to comeback from Football on Sunday on BBC1.

Sadly have no time now.

Not gonna but it but heat added.

I really like the show it was actually funny and entertaining better then most shows on now I wish BBC still had it on. I might buy it on DVD at some point just not yet as I've always wanted to see the Great Yarmouth episode again of Keeping up Appearances as it's my favourite one love that part where they on the ghost train.

Hot though.
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