KEF KHT-2005.2 Home Cinema System Black 299.99 inc delivery

KEF KHT-2005.2 Home Cinema System Black 299.99 inc delivery

Found 20th Aug 2008
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KEF KHT-2005.2 Home Cinema System Black 299.99 inc delivery

I've seen these retailing on the net at around £600 and in stores £850. Great speakers for a great price.

Charismatic is the only word to describe it. Like the multi award winning KHT 2005 from which it evolved, the new reflex ported KHT 2005.2 pushes the performance envelope of midrange home cinema theatre like no one other system. The spec tells part of the story: with parabolic enclosures computer optimised to eliminate cabinet distortions, the full range centre and satellites all feature KEF's new 100mm (4") Uni-Q array incorporating the 19mm (3/4") aluminium dome tweeter from the acclaimed Q series.

Ferrofluid cooled for better power handling and driven by twin neodymium magnets, HF reproduction is startling - even whispered dialogue is pin sharp. But the real magic lies in the way all the system components work together. The tonal match is perfect, and transitions are so smooth you simply can't hear them. Like all KHT series Subwoofers, the matching 250 watts PSW 2010 has a cinema setting for even more bass 'slam' with movie sound effects, and individual phase, frequency and level control allow you to fine tune the output to get the perfect balance with the satellite speakers and your room acoustics. An ingenious multi-directional base makes it easy to place each satellite wherever it suits you: on a flat surface, at an angle on walls, or on the optional floor stands.

It all adds up to a chic, superbly engineered system that delivers way beyond what you'd expect for the price. Available in Matt Black Finish.

Be aware that these are Refurbished products and are not sold by but via a Play trade Merchant.
- wordsworth


I have this set - excellent speakers and they look excellent as well

Hot, awesome kit for the price.

EDIT: I take that back, apparently they're refurbs. Not the sort of thing someone looking at this kind of kit wants to hear.

can anyone lend me £299.99?

grrr, this might push me over the edge, this and an amp would allow me to have the three optical in's I need and have stunning sound too hmmm

one question to the audio gurus out there i have a new build (i.e. walls made from recycled paper) and a smallish room will these over power me/the room. will it be a over kill ? i know good sound is not about volume its about quality but still if you can help me out with this and the small matter of lending me the 299.99!


I wish I could learn to love the looks of this

I could do with the sound but I hate the looks.

they are refurbs for that price though...

I'm not sure if they're refurbs or not but it's a play trade deal and not


they are refurbs for that price though...

You're right: they are refurbs. sold by: FactoryRefurbsDir
[SIZE=1]SELLER & RATING:[/SIZE] ][COLOR=#0066cc]FactoryRefurbsDir[/COLOR]

yeah which means you also lose out on the 4% quidco


I'm not sure if they're refurbs or not but it's a play trade deal and not … I'm not sure if they're refurbs or not but it's a play trade deal and not

Ahhh , never noticed that , glad someone pointed that one out , i thought were selling them :?

So is it like Amazon market place then?
Oh just seen this , im going to avoid

£299.99 Free Delivery

[SIZE=1]CONDITION:[/SIZE] [COLOR=#666666]Refurbished[/COLOR]
[SIZE=1]SELLER & RATING:[/SIZE] ]FactoryRefurbsDir | ][COLOR=#009933]96% positive[/COLOR] [SIZE=1](from 573 ratings)[/SIZE]

There is no way i would pay £299 for a refubished product , voted cold , would vot hot if it was new

indeed I would have too - glad I saved you your #299.00

Almost went for these, couldnt get myself to like the look of them though.

Opted for Canton CD102s instead.

Original Poster

Well spotted, they are indeed refurbs.

Apologies for the miss-communication guy's, knew it was too good to be true.
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