KEF M500 Headphones - White - £89 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual

KEF M500 Headphones - White - £89 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual

Found 29th Mar
RRP. £199.00

Light, robust and supremely comfortable, M500 hi-fi headphones are designed for people who are serious about sound.

The unique technologies that underpin KEF’s passion for creating the most natural possible sound immerse you in the intense clarity and detail of the piece played live: vivid, spacious and exquisitely balanced.

With over 50 years of innovation and excellence in speaker engineering, KEF has created technology that delivers the best listening experience for people who are passionate about natural sound. KEF headphones make high resolution sound a truly portable experience – the perfect balance of sonic clarity and stylish design.

In the Box

  • A pair of M500 Hi-Fi Headphones
  • Tangle-free flat cable (1.3m) with gold plated connector, 3-button remote and microphone
  • Protective case
  • Flight adapter
  • Extra tangle-free flat cable (1.3m) with gold plated connector
  • 6.3mm converter
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That's an absolutely cracking price!

Great find, OP.

Decent review as well (at £250)…iew
Brand new on eBay for 70-80 quid. Fishy...
Sleightbuzz8 m ago

Brand new on eBay for 70-80 quid. Fishy...

Can you post a link? Having trouble finding any brand new pairs for that price.
Not Hi-res though
GPDawes12 m ago

Not Hi-res though

londonlife97812 m ago

I mean for sale now.

"For Sale now" they are £250-£300 on ebay but there is no evidence of any of them selling at that price.
These are going over £150 everywhere, I got lucky and got the silver black ones from zaavi for £99 when it was on sale, and I dont know if theyre not hi-res, but one thing i know for certain is that they sound better than all the headphones I own, better than my sennheiser HD 650 and my B&O H8 and bose QC25, I know theyre not in the same category, but in terms of musical sound performance, listening to pop and classical, these are the best headphones I've ever purchased, at first they did slip from my head, but I am now used to it so its much more comfortable and no longer falls off. Buy this you will not regret it, this sale will probably end much quicker than you may thing, since zaavi went back to £199 within a day
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