KEF Picoforte 3 Ipod Dock - £185 @ Hughes Direct

KEF Picoforte 3 Ipod Dock - £185 @ Hughes Direct

Found 23rd Dec 2008
Using the highly regarded 3000 series speakers this is a high end Ipod dock die cast in zinc from the highly acclaimed reference audio manufacturer KEF. Original RRP was £400, best price I can find elsewhere is play at £249.

There is some doubt that this item will actually charge a new Ipod touch but it will play it. KEF told me that Apple change the way their units charge sometimes but they are working on an upgrade which will be available to purchasers of these units.

Says low on stock so hurry up if you want one.


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The system has arrived and what a fantastic piece of kit it is. I have a 2nd gen touch and it is true that it does not charge. My wife has classic and that is just fine. Build quality is first class, styling is on the money and the sound quality is fantastic. I have listened to the Zeppelin and in my opinion this KEF system outdoes it. You also have the added bonus that these are a pair of high class speaker so perhaps when the ipod is superceded by some other innovation you will still be able to use the speakers. I hope that the tech boys at KEF sort out the charging upgrade for touch soon but in the meantime it is not a real inconvenience in this family.

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These is an update from, KEF. They wil not be providing an update fro this docking station so please make sure yours is compatible if you want the charging capabilities.
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