Kellogg's chocolate cornflakes 375g 99p @ Heron Foods

Kellogg's chocolate cornflakes 375g 99p @ Heron Foods

LocalFound 29th Sep 2017Edited by:"minxx"
Found in Heron Foods Filey, Kellogg's chocolate cornflakes, 375g box for 99p.

High in sugar per serving (preempting the sugar police 😄) but great for a treat!
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Have to get the the kids on a sugar rush early in the morn.
very expensive at £99 lol
natty353 h, 23 m ago

very expensive at £99 lol

Tut, I'd put .99 and it didn't put the right amount, changed it now, wouldn't recommend paying £99 lol
Edited by: "minxx" 29th Sep 2017
WHAT! You can buy chocolate Corn Flakes... where’s my car keys???!!!
Very dangerous.......bought these, got as far as putting some in a bowl, 6 bowls later and I still haven't managed to get as far as putting milk on them!!!! They don't need milk, they make a great snack, but you will not have 'just one bowl'
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