Kellogg's Coco Pops (800g) | - £1.87 @ Tesco

Kellogg's Coco Pops (800g) | - £1.87 @ Tesco

Found 16th Sep 2016
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£187 for coco pops oO
I'll be the first to ask if they're gold-plated - £187 quite expensive!
£187 must be apple related cereal.
sorry! pls don't be alarmed. its supposed to be £1.87 but now I cant change, edit it.
Best price I can recall seeing for quite some time, thanks.
already posted (nearly 2 weeks ago) deal finishes 20/9 (tuesday)
Got this morning at park road Loughborough tesco lots in stock at end of isle a few yards from the fem fresh
expires Tuesday night! been this price for weeks
To be honest, tesco own brand taste better.
250+ on a REPOST
We must all try our hardest not to have duplicates, but at times like this perhaps OP didn't get the chance to look up for an existing deal. Then there's the situation when picking up a mainstream product there will be a big chance that it's already posted.

Some other things to take into thought, for example double threads of very good deals like this are helpful as people skimming through the pages will be more likely to see it if they weren't looking for it in the first place via search bar.

So considering all of this and the fact the deal ends soon, I won't be voting hot or cold.
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