Kelloggs Cornflakes Massive 1kg packs for £1 Asda

Kelloggs Cornflakes Massive 1kg packs for £1 Asda

Found 19th Sep 2009Made hot 19th Sep 2009
Massive 1Kg boxes of Cornflakes were reduced to £1 a box at Asda. Still a year left on Use By date. Brilliant Bargain...bought 2...should keep me going for about a year!!!

I think they are almost too big to sit on the shelves!


I have just bought one but I paid £2, i thought that was a good price,

good price

£2 each in asda dagenham...........................methinks op got it wrong

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Nope I have my receipt in front of me. £1 a box and they weigh 1Kg


Nope I have my receipt in front of me. £1 a box and they weigh 1Kg

Great Spot Then.................rrp is around £2.69

Were £2 in Trowbridge

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The £1 price was in the Blackburn store

Great Price OP - heat added.

doing my big shop tomorrow so will go grab some

£2 in Newcastle upon Tyne, still a good price, heat added

Yeah I will add heat too seeing as the 750g box I usually buy is over £2

I work in asda and theyve been £1 for a few weeks!


Ahhh Corn Flakes.....

I bought 2 boxes yesterday and paid £2 per box in Blyth

I generally buy asda's own make as I can't really tell the difference but if I see this price i'll be buying some.

voting hot

I love cereal, is that weird?
I am a student!

Very good find! Ahhh Kelloggs!!

I can personally taste a big difference between shop brand and some of the Kellogs stuff! Nice spot buddy.

The difference between Kelloggs and any other Kornyflakes is obvious unless you hae no taste buds.
Great price at £2 for 1kg but an absolute bargain at £1. :thumbsup:

Thanks I already shop at asda but must walk round with my eyes closed as i never see any of these offers (must pay more attention)

79p for 1kg aldi own brand, on offer at the moment.

I find aldi and morrisons own brand cereals just as good as the "real thing". (for weetabix, cornflakes and rice crispies)

£2 at my 2 local asdas alltho totally off topic they were doin the fairy 2 for a quid in one store and they were 2 for 2.50 in the other store lol madness

way to go....thanks OP

£2 in asda toryglen

thats a lot of cornflakes

Looks like store specific.
Great buy if you can find them.

very good deal - more than half price off. Heat added

bought some yesterday £2.00 in mine - southport

You can never skimp on cornflakes, Kellogg>supermarket own brand.

£2 at my asda have been for about 3 weeks


You can never skimp on cornflakes, Kellogg>supermarket own brand.

Disagree with that. I agree the value/smartprice cornflakes are pretty awful but find the shop brands medium quality range good. It really depends on the cereal though I tend to try all the variants and know which ones I can go cheap on and which I have to pay more on.


£2 at my local asda

Great price

Why is this great deal not online Well done for finding it, shame it does not seem to be across all stores.

Great post --Mr Kellogg knows his corn flakes...and his colonics

I've expired these because as far as I can tell they're only available at one branch for £1, everyone else is having to pay £2

Cheap thanks,

£2 at the oadby asda....seems its only in some stores...most likely because they got too much stock of it....

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