Kellogg's Crunchy nut cornflakes (375g) £1.00 @ Asda

Kellogg's Crunchy nut cornflakes (375g) £1.00 @ Asda


Mmmm Love it :O)

They also have Kelloggs Special Kay Fruit & Nut clusters for a pound also...

Top price...lets hope they actually have them.....unlike Morrisons/ Tesco who are supposed to have this deal also

The trouble is........they taste too good! so good luck getting them lol

Has been since last week, so expect this deal to go come next week.

been like that at mine for almost a month now

Deal not on at asda Southgate (London):-(

Popped in this evening though and deal now on

heat added. good price.

Saw a good load of these and the Special K ones in the Kingsthorpe/Northampton store.

Alternatively, £2 for the bigger 750g box at Sainsburys now
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