Kellogg's Frosties (750g)  £1.00

Kellogg's Frosties (750g) £1.00

Found 10th Sep 2008Made hot 10th Sep 2008
was £2.18, now only £1.00, I bought 2 packs today, there's loads of them on the shelf, seems a nation wide offer, you can find it online as well. ^_^


hot hot hot was nearly running out of these as well cheers

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just add the link, you can see it online now ^_^


argh must avoid these, they are far too blummin addictive!!!

can you do a price match at pc world? .......sorry had a few too many 2nite! lol

shame theres not a sainsburys within 5 - 6 miles here, its the same with asda they always got somethin on offer that i want!

lol kelloggs

yes welcome to being obese.. These should come with a health warning for those that don't know how bad they are, but then again those probably can't read either!

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sinfully, I finished 1 pack bought last night...........

mmmmmmm yummy :thumbsup:

yup, seems to be nationwide, slough has a ton in stock.. though you can't buy more than 12 at a time... erm, might go back later in disguise for more and ensure i don't get the same biddy serving me at the till...:whistling:

its a years supply, and a great saving seeing these originally cost £2.18 a pop.. good best before date too..

Heat added. I bought a pack too. A great deal!
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