Kellogg's KRAVE's £1.49 @ HomeBargains

Kellogg's KRAVE's £1.49 @ HomeBargains

Found 19th Dec 2010
My kids love these but at most retailers they are £2.49. Luckily I found them at Home Bargins for £1.49 (some packs show a special price of £1.79 but the shelf sticker says £1.49, and they scan at £1.49)


3 for £3 in netto so not a great deal

there's no more at my local netto and the price is always at £1.50ish at home bargain, my kids love this so we always stock this up..

i'd say it's still a pretty good deal
the cereal is amazing, and it's usually so expensive
i also live nowhere near a netto
i actually also live nowhere near a homebargains, which pretty much nullifies everything that i've just said.

i really just wanted to natter on about how much i love the cereal
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